Hola mis amigos!!

Today definitely had its highs and lows.

Waking up late for work? Low

Having a delicious breakfast at work? High

More leg pain at the gym? Low

Delicious lunch after the gym? High

More leg pain throughout the afternoon? Low

New shoes which might just alleviate all this ridiculous pain? High

A trip to the travel agent? High

A trip to Cuba bought and paid for? Super high!!

Those are two excited ladies!!! (That's my BFF Stef on the left)

Why Cuba you ask? Well if you follow Cynthia's Adventures (and you should!) you'll have read all about her upcoming wedding in Santa Clara, Cuba. Well, as can safely assume, I am lucky enough to get to be there and see her marry the love of her life. How cool is that?!! The countdown to April 8th (departure date) and April 13th (wedding day) is on.

Annnnnd...as if all that wasn't exciting enough I am putting together my playlist for the Tabata class I am leading tomorrow. Eeeiiii!!!!!

Way to leave the day on a high note huh?

So tell me, what highs did you have today?


  1. How fun! I can't wait to read the recaps of the wedding! Going to be gorgeous!

    Hope that your new sneaks help out the leg!

  2. Woohoo that is a final great high. Gotta love Cuba and Cuba weather right now ;)

    My low was knee pain, my high was a yummy pizza dinner!

  3. Woohoo! I can't wait for all of us to be there :) Its going to be amazing!! Good luck tomorrow at Tabata! Make them work hard, sorry I will miss your big debut!!

  4. What a fun day, minus the leg pain!! OOOOOHHH you teach a tabata class?? I would love to hear more about how you teach that. I teach aerobics and am in charge of the group exercise classes at my gym and I am always looking for new classes to add to our schedule!

  5. It started as a low day for me, but I got a lot of positive tweets which made me happy! :D

    Oh, and April 13th is the day before my birthday! Wahoo!

  6. I would love to see your tabata routine!!

  7. Woohoooooo for Cuba!!! I'm so excited for you. I could definitely do with a hot holiday right now. :)

  8. high: getting up to work out before work (I always feel so much more energized)
    Low: the muscle in my left upper shoulder started acting up this morning...I think it's a spasm, it sucks.
    High: tomorrow is friday!
    Low: today is still thursday morning

    Have a good one!

  9. ohhh what a fab day for you!!! I want to go on a vacation sooo bad!!

    low: baby girl has caught another cold and had me up a few times last night
    high: tomorrow is Friday (had to steal healthy apron's)
    high: its going to be 65F today and tomorrow its going to be 70F!
    low: I am tired

  10. How exciting that you're going to Cuba! I've never been. I'm excited for you!

    high: I had a great yoga class last night
    low: I only get to teach 4 more before we leave:(

  11. High: I bought yogurt so I wouldn't have to go a day without it. My life is SO exciting :)

  12. At first I thought you had diced potatoes for breakfast- haha! Not that I would judge if you did :)

  13. Cuba! If you could see my face, the look would be jealousy :) Hope you have a great time!