Hills training...blech!

It is not a well kept secret that I don't like running hills. In fact some may say I avoid them like everyone else avoids the coughing guy in the office.Yeah, hills and I just don't get along.

Yet, whenever I seek advice on hills training I am always met with the same two answers:

"Yes you should be doing it"


"If you want to like it more you have to do it more"

Ugh, I guess, despite my best efforts to try, I can't avoid hills forever. And if there is any truth to hills make me an overall stronger runner I am willing to make the sacrifice.

Hey hill...bring it!

650m of never-ending incline. I cringe just looking at it.

I set out with the intention to complete 3 full repeats, running the entire way up no matter what (thanks to Cynthia for helping me set that mini goal)

Running down I thought about anything and everything, including "Oh no now I have to run back up this monster!" Downhill running is just awesome. I want to downhill run forever!

My first climb was tough. My pace was slow (around 11:15/mile) and my breathe laboured. Note to self: You NEED to do this more! Nonetheless I ran the whole way and felt pretty relieved to get to the top.

The second climb was even more difficult and I started to suffer from some stomach pain. In addition to being tired from a long day (including a Tabata class at lunch) stomach issues were the last thing I needed during some tough training. Again, I forced myself to get all the way to the top but that's where I cut it short. Some is better then none but I wasn't in the mood to push it.

Truth be told I need to run more hills, both in my running routes and during specific hill focused training. And because I need to I will. I won't like it but I will.

Speaking of not liking, that is NOT how I felt about my dinner tonight. Unlike running up a ridiculous hill, raw veggies with chicken, lime salsa and guacamole is enjoyably good for you. Yum! No stomach complaints for this one, that is for sure.

In other news I met Vanessa from Vanessa Runs today. We were both at Starbucks and I recognized her from her blog so I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. It was my first accidental blogger meeting and it totally made my morning!!

So tell me, do you "hill train"? Have you ever unintentionally met another blogger?


  1. Oh yes. Hills are pure evil. My body can barely take running on even ground, much less torturous hills like that one! Every once and I a while, I do hill SPRINTS. They are typically 20 second to a full minute sprints and they absolutely kill me! But, the way I feel afterwards is worth the effort!

  2. Good for you for making it as much as you did! I hate hills...they are the bane of my existence. Ugh! And that one looks brutal, so I say well done!!

  3. Good job! Next week We will be hitting the path next to the ski hill before we leave!!! Get ready :) Cuba here we come in 1 week!!!!

  4. Good job on that hill, it looks brutal!

  5. Sometimes I love hill runs...but then again, I live in Florida and the only "hills" we have are interstate overpass ramps! ;)

  6. I'm weird, but I don't necessarily hate hills. I know that when I'm going up a hill I can always make up my time going down (unless I'm not going down, then I hate hills). For some reason the past 2 races WITH hills have kinda rocked for me. I think being super flat (pretty much everywhere in Florida - unless I'm running over a causeway or on a highway ramp) hurts my hips!

    How fun on the blogger meetup! I've seen a few bloggers at races, but I'm too chicken to say anything.

    Congrats on doing such a great job with your run!!

  7. congratulations on tackling those hills! i will admit that i walk up so many hills - probably more than i run up. i think it's totally mental - i really need to work on pushing through more!

    mmm, your salad looks fabulous! i love topping salads with salsa and guac!

  8. Way to power up the hills! I live in a hilly area, so I have to run on them often, but I always tell myself to "earn the downhill." When I run too long on flat roads, I miss the hills because they break things up a bit. And remember, hill work is speed work in disguise. You are making yourself stronger each time you reach the top!

  9. Nice job...I don't 'like' hills but I actually do enjoy the training only because it is such a great training session both for the body and mind.
    I could eat guac every day...

  10. hills...blah! hate em! but gotta do them!

    good job at attacking that monster of a hill!

    loooove guacamole! i agree with Laura, i could eat it everyday!

  11. Yes! Those hills are killer. Luckily Florida is flat. Or maybe that's not lucky because everyone else will school me on hills. I've never met another blogger that want already my friend. I really want to tho!

  12. OOh, hill training...that sort of scares me! Unfortunately, there aren't many hills on the streets and walkways I use, so I don't get much of it...