The "S" Word

Have you ever felt a little frazzled?

A little "almost gonna tear your hair out" stressed?

A little ready to "call it a day"?

A little lost in a frenzy induced la-la land?

I haven't.

Ha! Who am I kidding? For one reason (or 20) I have been feeling really stressed out over the last few weeks and I definitely owe a huge public thank you to everyone who has been able to put up with my lack of patience, snarky comments and flair for the dramatic.

Thank you!!

To say that I am in need of and desperately looking forward to my upcoming vacation is an understatement. That said I still have 19 days to get through and co-workers/bosses/friends/a boyfriend to keep the peace with and unless someone invents that 28 hour clock I need an action plan, otherwise known as "cutting myself some slack"

So in the spirit of giving myself a break for the next few weeks I have created an "it's ok" list:

It's ok if....the dishes aren't done and there are dust bunnies under the sofa. Call it the "lived-in" look and leave it at that!

It's ok if...you have more than one pair of laundry-day undies because you don't always feel like hiking down to the laundry room even when its almost absolutely necessary!

It's ok if...you lock the cat out of your bedroom at night so you can get some undisturbed sleep. She'll discreetly claw the furniture and suddenly you're even!

It's ok if...you don't answer the phone right now. Call display and voicemail come in handy when you need to disconnect for a while. I'm not a doctor so the odds are good that the call isn't that urgent!

It's ok if...you don't finish that book. This isn't university and there won't be an exam. Life is too short to waste on a boring read!

It's ok if..you read that you should eat more eggs and conveniently interpreted that to mean these babies!

It's ok if....you miss a workout or eat a big ol' bowl of ice cream. In the grand scheme of things neither will matter even a little bit!

It's ok if....you stop saying it's ok and get back to holding yourself accountable. Being true to who you are is important too!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have foiled wrapped chocolate to eat before I get too serious again!

So tell me, what "It's ok if...." do you need to implement for yourself?

Psssst...Hey Canadian readers. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! (I do apologize to my international readers and solemnly swear that if there is any Easter chocolate left over I will send it your way. But umm..don't get your hopes up too high on that one!)


  1. It's ok that my house isn't perfectly clean 24/7 or that I'm currently sitting on my booty eating Life cereal (because truthfully, now would be the perfect time to clean).

    Sorry you have been frazzled and stressed! A little snark (or a lot) is good for people though, don't apologize for that :)

  2. Ooh I've definitely been there too Sam! For me, it's ok if my house isn't super clean (or even relatively clean!) all the time because life is too short to spend scrubbing and mopping every day!

    I hope you're feeling better! :)

  3. It's ok if I am willing to wear socks with cats wearing sunglasses to work (under boots) since they are technically black socks and I forgot to wash all other non cat black socks.

  4. It's okay if I get a B on a midterm exam (or all of them). It's my last semester and I've worked my butt off thus far. Plus a B really isn't all that bad.

  5. It's so important to say "it's ok". I have had to say it's ok not to cook every night. It's ok if I go to sleep and save work for the morning etc.

  6. its ok to be a minute or 2 late. i dont need to be anxious about that ALL the time and in most cases the other person will be late as well.

    hope u feel better. dont worry about it. we all get stressed.

    and yes, i entered ur giveaway. i hope i win!

  7. also, its ok to grab subway or order pizza for dinner!

  8. It's okay if you spend a quiet night at home with the husband instead of going out for drinks with friends. Everyone needs some down time.

  9. It's okay if I decide to work out instead of clean the house, when that's all I really want to do when I come home from work!

  10. It's totally OK for all that stuff! Give yourself a break ;)

    It's OK to think that snuggling up on the couch with Hubbs, the pup and a movie sounds like the BEST FRIDAY NIGHT EVERRRRRRRR (I promise I used to be a whole lot cooler ;))

  11. Its okay that the dishes sit in the sink for two days because all I want to do when I come home from work is snuggle with my cute kiddos and not slave over the stove and clean for the rest of the night!!

  12. I SO totally needed this...

    It's okay if I procrastinate on homework that isn't due this week.

    It's okay if I don't dust this week, even though I can write messages to myself.

    It's okay that I was late. To everything. All day long!

  13. This post was me about 10 days ago. I had a huge paper due in a class I'm still not sure I passed, finals, people who I thought were friends making up strange mean lies about me behind my back. I was ready to drive off a cliff into the ocean. Cutting myself slack was all that got me through the week. And sometimes you just need to lock your cat out! This is not inhumane if you're insuring the cat's survival by creating "space"! Thanks girl. Great post!!

  14. It's ok if I want to sit around and watch reality TV on a saturday...i hate chores!!! :) ahh...that felt good

  15. It's ok if i cook a healthy foods for my family.

    It's ok if I eat yougurts for my breakfast and dinner. I want to get diet. I want to be sexy!! lol=))

  16. It's okay that I am sitting here reading blogs rather than picking up the toys that are on my living room floor!

    Love this post!