1/2 Marathon Training- Week Two in Review

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! If you are lke me you are probably thinking "Where the heck did the weekend go?". It's official, I am starting a petition for mandatory long weekends in the winter on the grounds that I need to hibernate too...you with me on this one?

As I get ready to head into work I thought I would leave you with a recap of my 1/2 marathon training this past week, beginning with the original plan:


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 For the full plan click here

Here's how the week went:

Monday: 5k run
Tuesday: 10k run, 45 min yoga
Wednesday: 5k speed session
Thursday: Taught Tabata (40 minutes)
Friday: Spinning (30 min), taught Cycle Pump (45 min)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5k run

Total Distance Ran: 25k

What I learned:

  • Speed training is pretty essential. Just reading the comments on this post really drove that point home

  • Sometimes you might prepare for a mild early Spring run outside and be faced with a Winter Wonderland instead

The road up at the cottage

  • Sometimes you will remember that 8 months ago you would have made excuses and skipped the run but you are more dedicated now and you are going to go anyway

  • Sometimes you will bring in a little assistance to help you out along the way

  • Sometimes you have to make a tough call and end your run early once you realize that the road conditions are icy and uneven and you are probably doing more damage to your already achy shins then good to the rest of your body

  • Sometimes you will realize that this difference between making excuses and making sense is important

  • Sometimes healthy food is the key to strong training exercises

  • And sometimes you will run better with a little bait (hey, its all about balance right?)

It was another great training week and while I didn't get my scheduled long run in I did realize that I probably should have gone to the gym in the town near the cottage and hammered out 15k on the treadmill. Lesson learned. Either way I didn't skip the run and I think thats probably the biggest improvement in this round of training so far!

Now if you will, I have a petition to write...

Have a great day!

So tell me, did anything surprise you this weekend? Oh, and will you sign my petition??


  1. I will most definitely sign it! :) Great job on the training - I don't know how you manage to run outside in the winter - you're a trooper! This weekend I did another indoor group cycling training course which surprised me in many ways, but I was unpleasantly surprised at how fast the weekend flew by!

  2. I knew it was supposed to snow on Sunday...but was still surprised about how much we got.
    I am so over winter...

  3. My long run this weekend was completely washed out by pouring rain. I try to go with the flow when it comes to training. One missed long run won't kill me.

  4. the bait thing is so relevant, especially when I'm PMSing! Yesterday I forced myself to work out only because I had delicious brownies waiting for me!

  5. Aren't those grips from Costco the best?? Great job on week 2 of your training!!

  6. Major props to you for even thinking about heading out for a run in those conditions. I would have totally aten up that excuse and spent the day on the couch :)

    Glad to hear that your training is going well -hang in there, March is already underway and it'll be Spring before we know it.

  7. Great job! I don't know if I could run in the snow.... That is awesome :)

  8. I will most def sign that petition!! :)

    and congrats on pushing yourself on your wintery run!!! :)

  9. Kudos to you for running through that snow- you ARE dedicated! (more than me.. but that's not saying much ;)).
    Great job on your training!

  10. Great job running in tough conditions. Mother Nature has played some dirty tricks on us this season.

  11. Nice job! I totally would have stayed inside at the first sign of snow.