Pipes Challenge and a Giveaway!

As I mentioned last week I am taking part in a new challenge courtesy of Morgan @ Life After Bagels entitled 6 Week Pipes (follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #6weekpipes). The basic premise to this fitness challenge is to concentrate on upper body strength for the duration of the challenge, working towards a specific goal.

My goal? 100 pushups

I'm a total maniac, I know!

But thanks to the One Hundred Push Ups program I am hoping to get there. And really if nothing else I'll have fierce arm and chest strength at the end of this right?

To start the program you are asked to complete the initial test, which measures your current fitness by determining how many pushups you can do until exhaustion. (Option: perform a modified version from your knees)

My result: 38 (modified)
My rank: 4

I will kiss the feet of anyone who ranks a 7..modified or not. Honestly!

I plan to begin working through the program tomorrow basing it on Week Two, as recommended by the program. Updates will be posted on the tab created for the challenge.

Wish me luck (and join me if you haven't already signed up!)

And while we are all busy getting stronger and welcoming spring what better time for a fitness related giveaway, aptly named the:


What you can win:

The prize pack includes a yoga mat, water bottle, stretching band,epsom salts, hot/cold packs, a neck pillow and Rub A535 products. Awesome or what??? I am already envious of the winner of this one if I am being up front about it


  • This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only
  • The contest will run until Friday March 25th at 6pm EST
  • Each contestant can enter up to 5 times per day (see methods below)

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know how you are challenging yourself physically this spring (comments on future posts will also count as an entry)
  • Tweet about the Getting Fit for Spring giveaway (include @HHandSJ so I know you did it!)
  • Post about the giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment linking me back to your page.

So there you have it..there's lots going on around here. And with that its time for bed (Yes it is 9:20...that's just how I roll my friends!!)

I suggest that you enter the giveaway and then head to bed too...after all, we can all use the extra sleep!


So tell me, how are you challenging yourself this Spring?


  1. If anyone in Canada is willing to enter for me, I would be eternally grateful. I'm loving this giveaway!

    Good luck on your challenge, by the way! 100 push-ups would be so awesome!

  2. Im so glad I went to bed later so I could enter your giveaway!

    I plan on being and staying fit throughout our upcoming trip and after to be ready for all my races coming up! Lots of cross-training, running and biking :)

  3. Awesome, I love giveaways!

    I'm challenging myself by training for a 1/2 marathon, entering the Pipes challenge and staying physically fit in the hopes of inspiring others to do so too!

  4. I am doing the Pipes Challenge and constantly trying to improve my run :)

  5. I am running my first 10k with my friend in April!! :)

  6. i am a follower and Canadian!

  7. i am challenging myself by upping my cross training from 1 day a week to 2 days a week and doing at least 1 day of P90X!

  8. I am looking forward to starting my Half Marathon training. How are the abs coming? I don't think you have done an update lately.
    PS I love your blog!

  9. I've joined a running clinic with a goal of a 5k race - hooray for spring! :)

  10. Sweet loot!

    I'm challenging myself by training for another marathon and trying hot yoga for the first time this spring!

  11. Hey lady! Sweet prize pack! I love your blog and so I thought I'd comment to say HELLO finally and enter to win some sweet loot :)

    I'm challenging myself to BodyRock my way to glory. Hoohmygawd. It's rough, but I'm ready for a big change to my workout routine (mainly running and cardio) and this is definitely it! Who wants abs? This girl!!

  12. Oh! And my name is Kat (aka Katty Lea) :)

  13. * This spring ill be working out in a fitness gym that i subscribed to a while ago; attending diffrent kinds of fitness classes everyday and running on a treadmill 3X week.
    kuziaa_91 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Im following your blog &i tweeted @ruskayeg

  15. Yoga is my habit, I do yoga in my house with my friends. we're also planning to join marathon with 10k race. Hope i can do it.

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    1. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.