A New Challenge

Hello friends! Is it just me or is the second day after "Spring Forward" even worse then the first?? I am draggin' my butt big time today..ugh! But, on the bright (pun intended) side it is after 7 o'clock and there is still light out there. Yippeee!!

I wanted to post tonight about a new challenge that I will be particpating in but first I have two very exciting things that I must, must, MUST share with you.

First is this life changing little treat:

Ok so maybe I am brand new to planet Earth and these have been around forever but they are new to me and I couldn't be more excited!! Single serving sundaes of the pecan variety are totally up my alley! They are so yummy and so portion controlled...really whats not to like (well except the price tag..they are a little expensive if I must admit). So if you are newer to this globe then I am and haven't tried these yet go do it now. I'll wait here but can you bring me back one??

Another super fun little find are these babies:

Please ignore the fact that I clearly took a picture of the wrong foot and instead subjcted you to my latest running by-product. It's not as bad as it looks I swear! But moving on, aren't the shoes cute? I love the wedge and the peep-toe and can't wait to debut them in Cuba in a few weeks!!

Alright, now that I have gotten that off my chest let's move on to the real reason for the post: My Newest Challenge.

Once again Morgan @ Life After Bagels has come up with a fun challenge only this time its fitness related.

Starting March 21st all participants will be taking part in the Pipes Challenge, which is basically a 6 week event to push your upper body strength to the limit!

Click here for more info

My intention for this challenge is to work on my upper body strength through a variety of exercises and at the end be able to also complete the 100 push ups program. Ideally I would also love to be able to do a full pull up. Let's call that the bonus.

Again, this challenge starts next week (I've got time to polish up on my technique!) and you can follow along on a Pipes Challenge page that I will devote to the challenge or on Twitter via the hashtag #6weekpipes.

The Pipes Challenge is officially replacing the 6 Weeks to 6 Pack challenge that I started a few weeks back for a few reasons:
  • I can't feasibly commit to a full 30 minute DVD on top of my existing training schedule. Pushups can be worked in much more easily
  • I like the idea of being able to do 100 pushups because I think strong women totally rock!!
  • I like that other people are taking part in this one because we can share our progress (and pain!)
  • My arms are already my favorite body part and I want to make them even more fierce!

Oh and did I mention that I just look freakin' awesome when I do pushups?? Yeah, I think I might have left that out for a reason....

So there you have it, another challenge to keep me motivated (and ice cream to reward me with!) Now I am off to get the laundry done so I can hop into bed and try to get back some of the energy I love with that damn time change!

So tell me, have you ever participated in a fitness challenge? What's your favorite body part?



  1. I did the 100 Push Up challenge. Ok...well, I did 3 weeks of it and gave up because that's how much I hate push-ups. But I'm going to get back heavy into strength training after my next race. All this running has really made me lose muscle mass. :-(

  2. I totally hate upper body hour at Bootcamp and I totally love upper body hour at Bootcamp. I agree, strong is cool. Good luck! And stay on the toes if you can!

  3. i'm doing morgan's challenge too! :) i can't wait to start - i think i can do approximately 5 push ups right now. honestly, i'll be happy if i can do 50 by the end of the program!! good luck - i can't wait to go through it "with" you!

  4. LOVE the shoes:) A LOT. I've never really done a fitness challenge before, but I should do the push up challenge.

  5. Oooo, thanks for sharing this challenge! I have been horrible about incorporating strength training into marathon training!

    Ha ha! I love that pic of you!!

  6. I love the idea of a pushup challenge! I always start it, then fall of the wagon by day 2-3 because I forget. Oh well :)

  7. I have never seen those individual sundaes before! cool!!

    the shoes are super cute!!

    I really could use an upper strength fitness challenge!! I have been slacking with weights since I started training for my race!

  8. I love wedges! When you are short, it's great to have a comfy shoe that also helps add a few inches!

    I'm in! I'm actually doing a push up challenge with my coworkers - who can do the most in one minute. Keep working at the pull ups, you'll get there!

  9. Wow, 100 push up challenge sounds tough. Not sure I am brave enough to try that one ;)

    Love the shoes. I went shoe shopping over the weekend and found not one thing I liked. Bummer. Looks like you will be styling on your trip.