R is for Rest- Umm....sort of. If you count spinning and strength training rest. Low impact is pretty much rest right?

I is for Ice- Doing that. Not enough but I'm trying and I promise to do better!

C is for Compression- Doing that too. Also looking into a brace if the pain/discomfort persists

E is for Elevate- Hello ...did you see how elevated that knee is in these photos? I could join a marching band with high knees like these!!

Fingers crossed that this is inflammation from lots of varied high impact activities (damn you jump squats!) and will bounce back quickly with some TLC. Get well soon knee!!

So tell me, whats your favorite thing to do when rest is what "the doctor ordered"?

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  1. You're doing all the best things for that knee. Hope it feels better soon! When it's rest time, I love cuddling with my pup and a chick flick.

  2. I hate resting! But I'm doing it right now... no running for a couple of weeks. I'll be hitting the bike for my cardio. For strict rest? My DVR is always full ;)

  3. It's really hard for me to rest, so when I really do need to rest, I usually walk on the treadmill and read a book. At least I'm getting some activity and it makes me feel better than reading while just sitting on the couch. (Or upper body workouts are always good ones too)

    I hope your knee gets better! I do a lot of varied excercises too and I worry about hurting my knees.

  4. I think you are doing everything right, just sorry you are in pain. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you're having knee issues! Those sucks!!!!

    As for me, when I'm bed ridden - I love me some Netflix! :)

  6. It's hard when injury or strain changes our training schedule! Sorry you're in pain right now, and I hope it goes away. When I need to rest, I do some gentle stretching, yoga, or pilates to work and move my muscles without strain.

  7. I took it easy because of a muscle pain last week in my rib cage... I didn't rest completely but I didn't lift any weights to aggrivate it...

    Hope you recover quickly!!

  8. Sorry about your knee! Hope you have a speedy recovery - and if the doctor recommend rest, then you better do it!

    When I'm forced to rest, I like to spend quality time watching HGTV and the Food Network.

  9. oh no! poor knee :(

    I'm actually sitting here right now icing mine, too.. after only a wog.

    You're so strong; I'm sure you'll heal quickly!

    feel better soon!

  10. When the doctor orders "rest" I find a new doctor. :) My idea of "rest" sounds a whole lot like yours. But then, I have a physical therapist on retainer (not really, but almost.)

  11. Oh no! I hope your knee gets better. When I do active rest I try biking, and yoga is always good, just modified the poses that use your lower body.

  12. Being hurt last year, I was prescribed rest. I had pain in my shoulder and bursitis in my hip. I "rested" but I tried to keep active at the same time but finding things to organize and clean...like my closet haha

  13. Im "resting" right now. I did something funky to my hip a couple weeks ago and it still feels off. So instead of running, I've been riding my stationary bike and doing yoga. Its not the same, but I'll take it. :)

    Hope your knee gets better soon!