1/2 Marathon Training- Week Five in Review

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Aren't you glad its almost over because then we're one day closer to the weekend? Me too!!

Its a day late but I wanted to update you on training now that I am approaching the half way point (I just started week six of twelve) Click here for the full plan.

Last week looked like this:

Monday: 10 mile (16k) run
Tuesday: spinning (30 min) abs (15min)
Wednesday: taught Tabata (45min)
Thursday: rest (sick)
Friday: rest (sick)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

Total distance ran: 16k

What I learned:

  • Sometimes sickness can derail your training. It's not the end of the world and you'll be back on track in no time so don't sweat it!

  • Sometimes You can't predict the weather and that means you are probably going to run in the rain. Thankfully you aren't made of sugar and you won't melt. You will pout about it a little instead and that's okay too.

  • Sometimes you should listen to your Boyfriend who tells you to drink more water and stop being so hard on yourself. He's a wise man (he loves you after all!!)

  • Sometimes the best part about running is that other people are doing it. Being a Super Fan is awesome!

Well that's all for now! I am in the process of recovering from a long (treadmill) run, but that's another story for another day. For now its a bath and then bed! G'night friends!!

So tell me, what good piece of advice have you received (and taken) lately?


  1. Good to give yourself some grace and rest! Sometimes I think we push ourselves too hard (I MUST workout, I really should workout to stay on plan) and then end up guilt beating ourself when we don't. Way to take time to rest and drink extra water!

  2. I think when I get sick it's my bodies way of telling me that I'm doing too much. We all need a break sometimes. One thing I learned this week is that sometimes we have to do difficult things not because we want to but because it will mean something to someone else.

  3. I agree with Cyndi, especially in marathon-type training! It's so super intense that sometimes your body is just like...give me a break!

    Yay for super fans though! We all need a good support system!

  4. Being sick and running less totally sucks - but it means that you can run again this week! I think you are a super super-fan and I'm sure your running will pick up this week!

  5. I hate when my workout schedule is messed with, so if it does I really have to plan in my head what the new plan is! But that is def life!! it sure does throw some lemons at us every once in awhile!