1/2 Marathon Training- Week Three in Review

Wow! I can honestly say I am shocked to be writing another training recap already. Time is flying by and while I usually don't like to wish my time away it also means I am that much closer to sipping mojitos on a beach in Cuba (26 days if you want to keep count with me!) I can't wait!!

But until then I have to keep my head in the game also commonly referred to as 1/2 marathon training. Here's how week went:

Original plan:

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For the full plan click here

Here's how the week went:

Monday: Yoga (45 min)
Tuesday: 9k run, 5 k run
Wednesday: 5k speed session, elliptical (30 min), abs (20 min)
Thursday: Spinning (45 min), taught Tabata (45 min)
Friday: Taught Cycle Pump (45 min)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 16k run

Total distance ran: 35k

What I learned:

  • Sometimes changing up the routine can do more damage than good. Case in point, the session on the elliptical gave me super sore calves (and by super sore I mean too sore to run on) for days afterwards!!

  • Sometimes you can disguise your comfort food as carb loading and get away with it!

  • Sometimes you will push yourself and realize you are capable of more than you realized (I ran 9m minutes miles this week people!!)

  • Sometimes the commitment to run 16k of a 26k run with a friend who is attempting a PDR is the only reason you will get out of bed on a Sunday after "Spring Forward" zapped you of the last of your energy

  • Sometimes a crappy run, where your legs are heavy sore and tired, is simple that: One crappy run. And you know that there will beanother one down the line but until then you have a lot of good and great running to do!

  • Sometimes 16k (run slowly or not) will leave you so famished you will head out to the grocery store with a salty face that somehow didn't get addressed during your post-run bath. (I'm a classy girl, what can I say??)

Yeah, I just posted that statement and corresponding pic to a public blog and  you know what? I'm too hungry to care. Off I go!!

Enjoy your night!

So tell me, how to "Spring Forward" effect you?


  1. Woo-hoo for a great running week -- and the 9m miles!!

    I tend to think that pushing forward with heavy legs is actually GREAT for training. I hate that feeling - but slogging on makes your muscles remember during a race.

    Daylights Savings is actually a little easier to deal with my house than Fall Back! The kids tend to "sleep in" (or wake up at their normal time) and during fall back they don't get that whole extra hour thing!Sucks.

    It was soooo hard to get out of bed today though -- at 4am. I don't know if the person scheduling the race realized it was DLS - but ugh!!

  2. I've run that same route in the picture many times and can never do it without imagining myself toppling right off into the water. Good run! Loving the late sun down today, so the missed hour is worth it.

  3. congrats on a good running week!!

    spring forward confused the heck out of me! i thought it was an hour EARLIER than the clock said, so my fiance and i ended up staying in bed until noon, thinking it was 10am! haha, oops.

  4. I have gone out in public with a salty face too. Don't feel bad. You have to do what you have to do after a long run lol.

  5. You're running/training plan and posts are totally inspirational to me! Since I'm a new runner/racer, it is great to know when things are totally normal and the struggles you go through!

  6. Such sound advice. I have a 1/2 end of May that I have to start focusing on. I know there will be crappy runs for me this season, I'll remember your tips.

  7. mmm mac n cheese! The wedding I went to this weekend had a mac 'n cheese bar- so cool. Too bad I wasn't carb loading for any purpose :)

  8. this daylights savings totally messes with me! I am all outta sorts and probably won't feel normal for a week or two!