And they call me Speedy Gonzalez!

Okay, I am not sure who it is that calls me that but someone might. A turtle? A snail? A sloth maybe? Haha, either way, I am coming to terms with the fact that I am not the fastest runner in the world. (*gasp* shocking I know!) Slow and steady (as I mentioned before) wins the race, right? ....RIGHT?! (please someone just say right!)

Whichever way that particular story ends I have identified speed as one of the things that I need to work on in my 1/2 marathon training. I don't expect to run a 1:30 or even a sub 2:00 by any means but speed training will not only help my race time but also get my body used to what its like to be uncomfortable (something that I am not a huge fan of by the way!)

As a result, I designated today's workout as a speed session where I would work on precisely that. After a 5 minute warmup I ran for 30 minutes, alternating between an 8:00/mile and a 12:00/mile for one minute at a time. I am definitely not an 8:00/mile girl yet (more like 9:15-10:00) so it was challenging but it also felt really good to push myself like that. By the end of the session I was a tired and sweaty mess but also pleasantly surprised at how quickly the time went when I broke it up like that. I thought I might dread speed days (I'll save the terror for hills I guess) but it turns out they are a good way to better condition myself and hammer out a cool 5k.

On top of actually running/working out I've been working on the training plan for the 1/2 and it looks like I should be getting quite comfortable with long (16+) distances as race day approaches. I'm trying to wrap my head around some of the required training and while it seems slightly daunting now I know it will get easier with time and practice.

And because everything seems easier on paper:

I'm a little Type A, what can I say! I have even included some inspirational thoughts, which I thought would help me stay focused on all the other important elements of training too. By the end of the schedule I plan to have run 21k at least twice and will have gotten in quite a few hills, speed and tempo sessions which should all prove helpful on September 26 (*fingers crossed*)

11 weeks people! Oh my freakin' goodness! LOL

So tell me, do you make schedules for training and working out? What are some of the non-fitness thoughts you would put on yours if you had to?



  1. Way to go with the workout! I don't think it matters how fast you are at all! The fact that you are doing this is awesome no matter what the time! I love your workout plan!

  2. I have a "Marathon Training" poster hanging on my door! Love training plans...I need more reminders to be flexible about training than I need to stick to a schedule.

    Great run! The treadmill is great for interval/speed workouts.

  3. Nice job on the speed work :) I really liked marathonrookie.com for their half mary training plan. It's always easier for me to have a plan and goal in mind. Happy training!

  4. A training plan is the only way I know I will commit to a workout. I use one anytime I have a distance race on my calendar. It keeps me accountable! Nice job on the speedwork, we seem similarly paced. :)

  5. Loving your training plan. I do the same. I need a plan to keep me focused and on task.

    Congrats on the 10 miler. I totally agree - slow and steady wins the race.

  6. I love your version of a training plan much more than mine! Yours is personalized and cool. Mine is dry and is very telling to how I've grown up =P I mean that my training plan is strictly recorded on a spreadsheet. I have formulas to calculate if I'm exceeding 10% of my previous week's mileage (to help reduce injury) and I have even more formulas to calculate pace and other "fun" stuff =P

    Keep it simple is something I like to preach at work, and it sounds like I need to take a page (no pun intended) out of your book by heeding my own advice!

  7. I have my training schedule in Googls docs and I LOVE it. In fact, I love anything dealing with a spreadsheet.

    MMMMmmm organization.

  8. I have certainly made workout schedules like that before. I even had a post it pad with a countdown for my show and that day's scheduled workouts on it. Haha!

    Great job on the speed training. I know I always like mixing up workouts and breaking them up like that. It looks like a really good way to challenge yourself.

  9. Way to go! Speed training is something I will be incorporating for my 1/2 marathon training too! You're gonna rock it girl!

  10. I have my training schedule posted in my fridge, and printed off the computer in pretty colour coded ink. lol