The accidental vegetarian

Notice anything?


Ok, do notice anything missing?

Ok I'll help you out..


 Somehow, in the course of the last few weeks I have gone meatless without even trying. It wasn't intentional and at this point I haven't declared myself a full on vegetarian (I don't eat red meat anyway) but I just don't feel the urge to eat poultry or fish the way that I used to.

Crazy huh?

I wasn't a big meat eater before this started (like I said, no mammals for this girl) but I did often indulge in chicken, turkey and to a small extent fish, both for the taste and the protein. The good news is without it I still feel strong and energetic (maybe even more so) and while I am not sure that I will stick with this long term I definitely know that I am going to be preparing a lot more vegetarian meals in the future. Funny how things like that just happen huh?

Its a short one tonight (there is definitely much more I could say about this topic) but I am completely exhausted and will leave this here for now.

So tell me, are you a vegetarian? If your not do you ever find yourself going meat-free anyway?

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  1. I do the same thing sometimes. Without even making a conscious decision to aviod meat, I'll look back over my meals for the past week (or two!) and realize I've gone completely meat free. It's a good think I like me some nuts and beans! :)

  2. I'm definitely not a vegetarian, but also, like you, over the course of becoming healthier, I've noticed that there is less and less meat in my diet. I used to crave meat and now I find myself craving fresh vegetables and fruit instead. I think its all apart of listening to your body and figuring out what it needs.

  3. I went accidental vegetarian (well, pescetarian)...and then it sorta stuck...and then I watched Food Inc. and now I'm just not sure haha.

  4. I rarely dont have meat but those meals look so yummy. Do you eat other sources of protein?

  5. This has happened to me, too. I often go meatless for awhile, but I haven't become a vegetarian. I don't love most meat dishes so I cook and order vegetarian style on many occasions. Everything looks so yummy!

  6. It's so weird how that can happen! It's great that you're still open to eating meat for the protein, but that you're being healthy about not having too much of it. I am the same way- I used to love red meat but now I've seemed to have worked it out of my diet without meaning to. I doubt I could ever go totally vegetarian though.

    Your pictures are awesome, too!

  7. During the summer I find that a lot of my friends go meatless. It just feels lighter! I was a vegetarian for many years. Over the past 5 or so years I've added back in fish on the occasional meal. I don't miss it and get plenty of protein through other sources!

  8. Those photos make going vegetarian look so easy!! I'm not a veggie myself, but I have been making attempts lately to have meatless meals. This is mainly because I've been wanting to try other sources of protein just for variety (and because lean chicken gets expensive when you buy it every week!!)

  9. I'm not a vegetarian, but I definitely find myself eating very little meat (especially red meat) for weeks on end. So glad to hear that it is working out for you!

  10. I find myself making the same type of trend. There are so many sources of protein that I dont feel like I ever need to eat meat. I think for me its more of a treat. I'd rather go out for a great burger or seafood than make it on my own.

  11. Wow! Those meals all look amazing! I'm not a vegetarian, but could definitely do without meat somedays...I love my fruit and veggies!

  12. you know, i went vegetarian for Lent, but i don't know if i could do it permanently. i do like non-meat meals a couple times a week though! i love the lightness :)