And a good time was had by all..

As I have mentioned a few times I had the honor of acting as bridesmaid in the nuptials of two very good friends of mine on Friday. For as long as I have known them they have been best friends and madly in love and the wedding really only solidified what I already knew: These two are going to live hapiily ever after!

Thursday night was the rehersal dinner at a restaurant downtown. Its Summerlicious in Toronto so we were given a reduced menu but luckily the selection was still great. I didn't take photos of the food (blogger fail!) but I had a delicious gazpacho with goat cheese and basil, followed by a curried vegetable ragout and chickpea fritter. Yummy!

Oh, and there might have been a few of these:

After the dinner we retreated to the maid of honor's house for the all-girl sleepover, which to my surprise actually was a "sleep"over. Everyone was so exhausted from all the running around to get ready for the big day that we practically went straight to bed.

Friday was another semi-early morning for us. With so much to do and only so many hours (there was more than 8 but the time flew!!) we had to get an early start.

Off we went to the spa for a very relaxing (and in my case, much needed mani-pedi). For those of you who run I think you might be able to relate with the need for some serious foot-love every once and a while right?

After the spa we were off again, this time back to get ready for a 5pm photo shoot before the ceremony (this many ladies and you need extra time so there's no battle for bathroom time)

After hair....

And makeup....

Some do-it-yourself dress alterations....

And of course lots of photos...

We were ready!

And off to alter we went...in a taxi! Economical and urban-chic for sure! 

Needless to say the wedding was absolutely beautiful (Hello, have you seen the bride? How could it not be?)

Like most weddings there was lots and lots of photo taking

The reception was fun, classy and very true to the bride and groom (live music performed by talented friends, hilarious speeches and some delicious vegetarian friendly fare)

All and all I think everyone had a great time!

Without a doubt in my mind this couple has an amazing future to look forward to!


So tell me, what is your favorite part of a wedding? Any traditions that you love? Any that you hate?


  1. The backdrop of this wedding is amazing! What a great looking couple.

  2. Weddings are so much fun! An awesome opportunity to hang out with friends and do fun things! Yay mani/pedis!

  3. Looks like a great wedding - love the style! The dancing, the laughing, the dresses...love weddings!

  4. I was at a wedding just last night, and this may sound SUPER cheesy, but I just love sitting back and watching everyone having a good time. I really do enjoy watching people smiling and having fun as if nothing else is going on in the world.

    Last night I saw my friend's 92 year-old grandpa get out of his wheelchair to dance (which was essentially him standing still with someone helping him keep his balance the whole time) with his grand daughter at her wedding. Not only that, but he did that for his other grand daughter as well. Both of the girls loved it and treated him so nicely. I love stuff like that. I know it's difficult for him to get up and dance, but he does it for his two grand daughters. And I know how easily it can be for grand children to just ignore their grandparents, yet they did not. It was just great to see :)

  5. I love most things about weddings. My only peeve is when the speeches run long...one wedding I was at, the father of the groom must have spoke for an hour (well it sure felt like that)! Because the wedding was on a Sunday, the long speeches delayed the dancing, which didn't start until after 10, and most people had to leave because they had to work the next day. Keep it short and sweet!

    You look beautiful by the way!

  6. Butterfly bouquets! Gorgeous!

    I'm planning my own wedding right now, so I love seeing other's ideas! Personally, I hate the bouquet toss (singling out my single friends is not cool to me) and garter toss (having him stick his head up my dress in front of our elderly relatives - ick!). But everything else is fun :)

  7. I love to hate the ceremony. Always so touching, but I always cry. I love hearing the vows, to hear if the bride an groom have written their own vows or gone traditional.

  8. Looks awesome! I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses!!

  9. Hmm...my fav part is the cake and booze. I'm not girlie so I don't understand the excitement over the dress but I love to see happy couples celebrating their love.

  10. How fun! What a beautiful bride and your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!!! I love a good mani/pedi! Looks like you had a great time!

  11. I love going to weddings -- I love to see the flowers and everyone all dolled up. I always cry, even if I don't know the couple very well! The food/booze/cake combo is also great...Looked like a great wedding, I loved the bridesmaid dresses! So cute!

  12. These are beautiful pics of beautiful people! The first one is especially cute!

  13. You look gorgeous! Everyone else does too. That picture of the hot glue gun and the dress cracked me up.

    My fave part is the cake and watching the excitement of the couple as they say their vows.