Camera happy and a craving for some couscous!

As I suspected yesterday was a great day in the city of Toronto. Despite what any horrifying images that resulted from last weekend's G20 Summit might have suggested this city is filled with some really great people! Everywhere we went we found ourselves in a sea of red and white as people celebrated a terrific country and a patriotism that is well deserved. It was a very good thing for this city to be able to revel in something good after the weekend we had.

As we ventured downtown I realized a few things:

I like taking photos (I already knew this but it became that much more apparent with my new camera)

Even she is celebrating Canada Day...cute huh?

I really, really like taking pictures of dogs (mine and other people's)

This little cutie was napping on the sidewalk!

There are some really neat things to see in this city and even if you live here you need to make a point to get out and see them

The Tall Ships @ Harbourfront

Cool art in Kensington Market

A different kind of art on Spadina Ave.

And probably most importantly I discovered that Kensington Market is a great place to get super cheap yet fresh produce! I now know that this is where I will be making a weekly pit-stop for fresh fruits and veggies.

Dinner tonight will be cousous salad with some peppers (among other veggies) courtesy of the market. Yum, can't wait!! There is nothing like a fresh salad on a warm summer day.

Happy Friday everyone!

So tell me, what's for dinner tonight?



  1. I've never actually visited Toronto (unless you count the airport) but I feel like I need to. It looks like such an interesting city.
    Supper tonight was a hotdog (gasp!) haha

  2. I am going down to Kensington Market Sunday, with a lunch stop at Fresh first. I'm super excied, I hpoe Pride doesn't cause too much traffic congestion, though I'm sure it will :-).

    Tonight I had some salmon, edamame and an awesome tropical fruit salad topped with lime juice.

  3. Looks so fun! I loved seeing all the people out celebrating Canada Day!! Yay Canada :) Haha

  4. Oh my! Look at that doggie! what a face :)

    Fresh salads are always a good summer choice.

  5. What a beautiful and sunny day you had! IT all looks wonderful :)

  6. Isn't Kensington great for produce?? I don't go there as often as I'd like, but I always stock up whenever I do!