Whooo baby! It is HOT in here!

Ladies and gentlemen it is officially summer in the city of Toronto, if for no other reason than the hot, hot heat! We are currently sitting at 31C but with the humidity it's a whopping 37C (that's 98.6F!) and I am melting! I am starting to regret not installing my air conditioning unit this year. I did it to reduce my energy consumption but holy, freakin' moly!!

My breakfast of champions on this warm summer's day was my new favorite treat: Dairy-free, chocolate, banana & peanut butter ice cream. Yes, that's right I had this for breakfast but in this heat I think I earned it!

 Even the soft serve is a bit melted...but still so tasty!!

Dairy-free Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream

1 frozen peanut butter banana (cut the banana in half, and smear with peanut butter, press together and freeze)
1/2 cup chocolate soy milk

Add the frozen banana and the soy milk to the blender and whip it up until its soft (but not liquified liked I did)

Very tasy on a hot day!!

After breakfast and some deep consideration with what to do with my day I decided to hit the mall. Why? Because its air conditioned! I didn't need anything in particular but I knew I needed a break from what was about to be a long, looooong day.

I had a quick snack before I left:

Hummus, spinach and tomato on multigrain rye crackers

The mall was mostly uneventful although I did find a new workout top for cheap (yay!) and treated myself to a free smoothie (free because I had a coupon, double yay!!) but it was nice to walk around and not sweat after three steps.

Dinner tonight is more of the couscous salad from yesterday. Its really yummy and it means I don't have to turn on the oven which is a huge bonus.

Needless to say I didn't get out for a run today. It was just way too hot, even early in the morning. One of the difficulties that I am discovering with training for a September 1/2 marathon is that there have been and will be days where it is just to hot and humid to get a run in outside.

I read an interesting article in Runner's World about how to train in these conditions. For me the biggest take aways are that I need to train early in the day, I need to move indoors on the hot days and for cross-training and I need to give myself time to get acclimated to these temperatures. With my 10 Miler coming up in 7 days I am hoping that I can get a few more shorter runs in outdoors and more then that, that this heat wave breaks by Sunday.

So tell me, how do you change up your workout/training schedule when the weather gets hot?



  1. mmmm breakfast sounds amazing..I can't eat hot breakfast on a hot day...overnight oats have become my savior this summer.

  2. I can't believe how hot it is here! I can't stand to run in this heat, so I've been going to the gym.

    Your couscous salad from your last post looks amazing! Such a perfect summer meal. :)

  3. Looks so yummy!

    I'm a gym girl. I love classes and being told what to do. It has been pretty humid in the classes though which is brutal. I'm amazed when I see people running outside in this heat!

  4. Haha I have been seriously considering going to the mall all afternoon to escape the heat, and I just might cave in soon. Window shopping and a movie in air conditioning sounds pretty amazing right now. :)

    And when it gets this hot, I tend to retreat to the gym. I've tried working out in the mornings but I'm just bad at it. So instead I hide in the safety of air conditioning.

  5. I went to the mall today to get out of the oppressive heat. It was worth the trip - I found a cheap workout top, too!

    I am an early riser in this heat. My usually begin by 6. I have to go to bed earlier, but usually the AC in my bedroom is enough to lure me in. I also swear by my Camelbak - stay cool!

  6. I cannot wait to try your PB&B cream treat. It looks delicious!

  7. My thats hot!!! It is only 4C here at the moment.......

  8. I fully support ice cream for breakfast!!