After a lazy weekend filled with much needed sleep, relaxation, homemade zucchini bread and Dexter season one, I think I have been bitten by a bit of a culinary bug. This afternoon, admist a busy day at work, I decided that I would come home and prepare homemade pizza as a surprise to the Boyfriend and on top of that, make more baked goods! (On deck this time: Blueberry, banana & coconut bread with walnuts and chia seeds...yum!)

I channeled my inner Italian Nonna and started with homemade pizza dough topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lots of seasoning

Then I added a little bit of sauce, some grated goat's cheese mozarella and lots of fresh veggies ( I love me some veggies on a pizza!)

Popped it in the oven to get all warm and crusty with gooey cheesy goodness on top and voila! Dinner is served!

And for dessert we each tried a piece of the blueberry, banana & coconut bread that was filling the apartment with a delicious aroma all through dinner. I had made a variation of the recipe, substitutiing some of the sugar with honey and the oil with applesauce. Verdict: Meh...

I may have overbaked it a little only contributing to the meh-ness. Next time around I need to make sure its a little sweeter and a little more moist...any ideas?

Nonetheless, despite the bread letdown I feel satisfied and ready to end the night with some more Dexter and some time with my favorite guy in the world!

So tell me, what's your favorite "could have ordered it in but I'd rather make it at home" food?


  1. I adore Dexter! My husband and I tore through seasons 1-3 in just a few weeks :)

    I love making stir fry dishes at home, rather than ordering them as take-out or delivery. I'm a big fan of just throwing lots of veggies and some tofu in a pan and seeing how it turns out.

  2. That pizza looks amazing! I need to put spinach on pizza more...so good!

  3. If I had the tools and the skills, sushi all the way.

    I love Dexter. I have to finish watching the last season that was just on (well I think the season ended in Jan, but ya know how it is), lol. Plus Michael C Hall is hot. Too bad he's married to Deb his TV sister, in real life.

  4. I think I'm going to start coming to your place for dinner. That pizza looks divine!

    I'd much rather make my own sandwiches than eat out. That way I can make sure no nasty condiments get on there :)

  5. I need your pizza dough recipe! I had a major fail trying to make my own dough last night. I thought it looked OK, but it wouldn't stretch or roll out AT ALL! It just ripped apart. So sad!

  6. Oohh I loove pizza! Making food myself is so fun and healthy but eating it out is such a special treat and tastes so unique.

  7. Your pizza looks so yummy! I'm starving all of a sudden.

    I love to make hummus at home. I prefer my version over any that I can buy at the store!

  8. Man! Just when I decide to crack down on my healthy eating the blogosphere goes hog-wild with baking... so unfair. Looks delicious though. Really, truly. :)

  9. No WAY! I just baked a banana blueberry bread....literally 10 min. ago!!!

    The pizza dough looks great. I always tell myself I should make one from scratch but then I see the 99 cent dough from TJ's and I forget!

  10. Pizza looks YUMMY.

    LOVE DEXTER! We watched the first three seasons a couple months ago. We just started season 4 last night. It's addicting!!!

  11. hey Samantha, i just found your awesome blog! i'm also a runner, mostly-vegetarian (pescetarian i think they call it) and hoping to one day wear skinny jeans. (sigh.) looking forward to reading more! (oh - and there's nothing i'd rather make at home. i'm a horrible cook.:)

  12. hey there! i just found your blog and love it! i love the looks of this pizza! :)