Countdown to the 10 Miler... 6 days to go!

The heat wave that has taken over most of southern Ontario is still in full effect. I am happy (and by happy I mean down right dripping in sweat) to report that the temperature with humidity soared to a balmy 44C (thats 111.2F people!) It is so hot that despite my honest intention to conserve energy (and keep my electrical bill low) I promptly installed my air conditioning unit when I got home this evening. My bedroom is cooling as we speak.

Training for the upcoming 10 Miler has been going well, although the weather this weekend sidetracked my plans a little. One thing that is definitely helping me stay on track is my training log. I record my workouts (time, distance and type) and make notes about conditions, how I was feeling, the effort I put in etc. Its been a good way to hold myself accountable and it will give me a good reference when I put my training plan together for September's half marathon. (Plan coming soon)

With exactly 6 days to go before the Acura 10 Miler I decided that I couldn't let the heat get in the way so I took my workouts (yes, plural) indoors today.

Lunch was a sweaty 45 minute spinning class taught by a colleague, who as I mentioned before, also happens to be an Iron Man. It was a great class!

After work I hit the gym again for a run on the treadmill. I did the first 5k with no incline and a gradual increase in speed, finishing the last few minutes at 6.7. Then I did another mile at an incline but a slower pace. It felt good to run and even though it was humid in the gym my breathing actual felt really improved over the last few weeks.

I am looking forward to the race but I do have my fingers crossed that the temperatures drop by Sunday. I have no time goal in mind, as this is my first 10 mile race, but I am hoping to feel strong and positive throughout the entire 16k.

Dinner tonight (after a 4k walk with the Boyfriend..yea, I like me some fitness on the hottest day of the year!) was a veggie burger topped with tomato, onion and mashed avacado and some baby carrots with garlic hummus. It took we a while to eat it but it was yummy when I finally did.

Dessert was some delicious frozen grapes..so refreshing!!

Tomorrow's workout is another indoor run but in order to do that I need to do 2 other things first, cool shower and sleep. G'night everyone!

So tell me, what do you use to keep yourself accountable with your workouts and nutrition plan? Workout buddy? Blog? Training log? Rewards?


  1. I love training plans! I like to chart everything out in the beginning and filling in my workouts each day. It keeps me in line - no blowing it off and no over-training either.

    Those frozen grapes look sooo refreshing! The heat is killing me! I ran 5 miles outside this morning and the humidity was a killer!

  2. Ooh, I hate the heat! Good for you for working it even though it was deathly hot! Your din looks so yummy, and I've never heard of frozen grapes before- I will have to try them!

  3. Frozen grapes are nature's treat :) Well..with the help of mankind, I guess lol And usually just straight will keeps me on my fitness/nutrition track but sometimes the blog is a serious push out the door.

  4. It is so strange to hear you talk about 40+ temps when it was minus 3 when I went to work this a.m.!!!
    I use an online training diary to keep track of my workouts! It is so helpful in finding patterns etc :) Not to mention 'bragging rights' when you calculate how many kms you have done!! :)

  5. I just found your blog through 'Skinny me'. Yur dinner looked so tasty and to work out in that heat is incredible. Your question at the end really got me thinking...I dont do anything to make me accountable for eercise which is maybe why I struggle some days. Time to get thinking and put some accountability in place.

  6. I love the training plan and your workout diary! I'm going to have to adopt a few items of this.

    Good job getting the fitness in despite the heat! Stay cool(er).

  7. I love that work out schedule, very neat and organized! I use my blog to track my exersize and eating, knowing its out there for the world to see makes me try harder to get it to look as good as possible :) Some days = sucess, some not so much, but the effort is there :) Your dinner looks delicious! Love your blog by the by : )

  8. I started out sticking to a training plan for my half but then ended up just doing my own thing based on my schedule. It's nice to have a regimen though. PS your veggie burger just made me realize I want one for dinner!

  9. Kudos on getting in all those workouts today!

    I don't really use any method to keep track of my workouts or food. But if I sign up to do a race I'll probably stick to some sort of training plan.

  10. I think it's great that you keep such a detailed training log!! I have tried in the past...and failed. Even though it's a great way to keep yourself accountable. I do like to follow a training plan, though. Even if I don't record everything I've done after the fact, I can look back and see what I did that day. My Garmin helps keep me accountable too.

    And this heat has driven me indoors as well! I can't take exercising in this weather.