The world is obsessed with food....I am no exception

Have you ever really thought about how big of a role food plays in your life? And I don't mean in the obvious ways like for survival and overall health and well being and all that good stuff. I mean the other parts; the parts it really has no business invading but somehow its always there.
Take your social life for example. How many events do you attend that just "naturally" include some sort of eating-type ritual. I can think of at least 5 that involve some sort of cake alone (and for those of you who are keeping track I am including birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and retirement parties) Not to mention all the other celebrations and family get-togethers and holidays that just seem to imply a binge of some sort:
"Let's go out to dinner to celebrate your new job/engagement/promotion/divorce"
"Let's have Aunt Sue and her 6 rugrats over for Sunday dinner and I'll make a pot roast"
"Let's try to have less than 9 side dishes at Thanksgiving this year...oh and stuffing and cranberry sauce don't count"
It's unavoidable! No matter where you go food WILL follow. And its never the good stuff..no,no.
When was the last time someone stuck a candle in a bowl of oatmeal and sang Happy Birthday??
And so I'm left asking myself, is that it? Do I just have to live with it because (warning, annoying phrase about to be uttered)it is what it is?
I say no....hold on, wait. Let me try that again.
I say NO!!!!!!!
The way I see it is that I can't personally change this phenomenon (although I am stubborn enough to try. Take that cruel world!!) but I can change how I adapt my own behaviors in these situations. I can choose healthy meals when out for celebratory dinners. I can help with Thanksgiving dinner to make sure there are some healthy and wholesome options. I can even say no to birthday/wedding/yay let's all celebrate that its Friday (again) cake and hope that no offence will be taken because gosh darnit, I have rights too!! And most of all I can take a deep breath and realize that, as my friend B pointed out just a few hours ago, you only live once and a piece of that TGIF cake ain't gonna kill me (and if it does I will die with a smirky little hahaha I just had some delicious cake kind of smile on my face).
So here's to vegetarian lasagna with Thanksgiving dinner, fruit salad served at weddings and all things in moderation!


  1. Geez... you sound like me, only funny. It's amazing how every social gathering revolves around food. Especially in my culture. I'm working hard on practing self-control at these events. I like your idea of options on Thanksgiving, but I'm just so weak when it comes to the cakes and desserts.

    I'm learning to accept that IT IS WHAT IT IS TOO. It's a much said saying but its relevant here... I can't wait until I become one of those persons who can pass up cake. I'll get there...

    Meanwhile, if I can just stay away from ALL THE HALLOWEEN CANDY...

    Enjoyed your blog.

  2. I TOTALLY agree. And you're right, we can't change the way people view food and the way food dominates almost ALL social situations, I think all we can change is how WE handle those situations. So I try to bring healthy food or order healthy food, or dish up smaller portions!

  3. Oh my. i have too much to say on this topic really. but you're right -- food is a giant part of our every-day social lives. we can't give up food, obviously, but we can embrace every single opportunity we have to embrace choice. it can get hard, it can get frustrating (for you and others), but at the end of the day -- it's your body.