What is in a number? That which we call a healthy weight, by any other number would feel as sweet??

It's official... I am having BMI anxiety.

What's my healthy weight? How close is too close to the brink of being "overweight"? How does this stupid little calculation that only considers my height and current weight really feel that it has the right to deem me "normal"?

According to the BMI calculator that I used (and then double and triple checked with others on the web) I am normal but barely. In other words another 5lb mishap and I can kiss normal goodbye while wrapping my arms around "overweight" while shouting "Geez I really missed you!!!" Not a reunion I am looking forward to by any means.

I couldn't help but wonder (yes I am embracing my inner Carrie Bradshaw here) is this calculation an accurate indication of my current status? What about muscles...ya, you know those things I work my butt off building in Body Pump?? Don't they count for anything?

I will not be a slave to the BMI or a number on a scale! I am 5 foot freakin' 8 and I have toned arms and strong quadriceps and I weigh what I weigh because of those wonderful muscles that help me run and jump and dance and lift and squat and......I could go on.

So what now? Can I honestly be happy with my weight? I have said before that this is my "good for now" weight and I meant it. Its where I landed and have stayed for the last 6 months and my body seems to be happy here, at least for the mean time. Maybe I will lose 10 more pounds and I wouldn't mind that one little bit. But until then I am content with this and all the things that I can measure as success, like distance ran and pounds lifted. Those are going to be the true indicators of a healthy, happy me.


  1. Excellent! I hate BMI. It takes nothing into consideration but height and weight in an antiquated formula. I am in a size 8 and barely "normal". Focus on what you can do, what size you are comfortable in. Be strong and muscular and screw the BMI :)

  2. I have a very strange body. My weight is evenly placed over my whole body, but I must be heavy-boned or something because I have ALWAYS weighed quite a bit more than I looked. So even though my BMI currently has me in the "overweight" category. I basically ignore it because I know I look healthy, and most importantly I FEEL healthy.

  3. I love that you question the BMI. It doesn't factor in things like muscles, big/little bones, or even boob size!

    I am using the BMI to determine my goal weight (154lbs at 5'6") and I am determined to achieve that, but after I hit that mark, the BMI won;t matter anymore. I might feel better at 164lbs, and I think that is the important thing: Where do you feel your best? Forget the number and evaluate your energy, your stamina, your body-cofidence.

    Yay for you, your goals, and tossing out the BMI!

  4. According to BMI calculations, an elite athlete is considered overweight because they tend to have heavier bone density and a ton of muscle.

    You should definitely look into body fat percentage as another way to measure. I do all of it: scale, tape measure, body fat %.

  5. There's definitely more to it than BMI. A lot of people talk about reaching your "happy weight." That weight where your body sort of evens out. Where you aren't struggling to maintain by exercising like crazy, or holding back on eating. It's that weight where your body sort of settles into. :)

  6. I am too struggling with my body is happy at this weight and will not allow me to lose any more, but I keep pushing. I have a goal in mind and I just can't get it out of mind. I am starting to think though that maybe that number is unrealistic for my body. Don't know it's a tough call.

    I would say if you feel great at the weight you are at then it doesn't matter what the BMI calculator says?

  7. I struggle wiht this because I have no idea what will make me happy. Where I'll be satisfied. I agree with everyone saying that it's a whole compilation of things, not just the number on the calculator. Congrats on doing so well!