There's nothing like a good song to get my body moving....

Have you ever watched someone walk into the gym, hop with sheer determination onto the treadmill/elliptical trainer, fidget with their iPod for a second or two only to quickly hop back off the equipment, head back to the dressing room and march out a few minutes later in street clothes headed for the exit? If you have and you go to my gym that person was probably me, leaving after discovering that my iPod is dead and I would have nothing to workout to but the sound of the treadmill next to me and the music (usually some version of 90's dance) coming from the gym speakers.
For me music sets the tone of a workout. The right music played at the right volume can pump me up and make me want to run faster, push myself further, and keep at the workout, no matter how hard it may be, that much longer. On the flip side the wrong music (too slow, too quiet, too much like said 90's Dance or House or Trance) drains me of the energy and motivation to really make the most of my workout.
Is that completely crazy? Shouldn't I be able to get past a bad song or the lack of a song altogether? Should the music really matter that much??
Truthfully I don't think it matters what gets you there so much as the fact that you are there. Whether its a really upbeat tune or a new pair of sneakers or a pretty water bottle you are moving your butt and getting healthier everyday.
So I'll take a little Britney Spears anyday and hey, if it helps me get those abs from the Slave video I won't be complaining either!


  1. I had my ipod die on me once while I was running on the street. I was half way done and didn't want to stop. I put my ipod in my pocket and kept going. Slowly I realized that I was listening to the sound of my feet hit the pavement, this sound was nothing like any song on my ipod, I started to cry, it was truly an amazing experience. Workouts can be done without music if you allow other sounds in.

    I can totally relate though because I love to run with my ipod...

  2. I can't handle working out without some entertainment. Heck, I built a desk just to let me blog while I elliptical.

  3. I'm so with you. I recently bought a shuffle from a friend and it was loaded with all this crappy music. After getting a new computer and outfitting my shuffle with all new music, I'm able to run further and faster. Coincidence?

  4. I totally feel the same way. I've not gone on walks because my ipod was dead. I'd rather stay in and be bored, lol. My gym also has TVs on all the elliptical machines and treadmills and I refuse to watch them because I know I push myself much more when I listen to music as opposed to watch TV.

    Whatever gets us working out though.

  5. I love the ipod in the gym! I have heard that craning your neck back to watch the tvs high on the gym walls can strain your neck and back, but listening to the Freaky Friday soundtrack never hurt anybody!