Praying for a red light every now and then...

So I took my running outside today, after having planned to practice indoors sans wind and car exhaust, in large part due to the fact that I forgot a running shoe (yes, shoe singular) at home this morning. I was all geared up, both mentally and physically, for a run at lunch when I made the heartbreaking discovery that I was only in possession of my lonely right Asic. The leftie had inadvertently been left at home and I was forced back into my office clothes workoutless for the afternoon.
Now I would first like to take a moment to commend myself for having been disappointed that my planned workout had to be missed. Six months ago I would have welcomed the interruption to my fitness schedule. So yay me for actually regretting the fact that I left a shoe at home instead off secretly wishing I would do that more often!
Anyway, I was determined I would not be deterred from getting a run in today and at first contemplated going home at the end of the day, retrieving the missing sneaker, and returning to the gym at work (aren't I lucky to have a gym at work??!!) I realized quickly that that plan was a recipe for disaster because once I got home I'd find some excuse not to go back. Still I was unswayed from wanting to run so I decided that I would run outside in my own neighbourhood even though I am not used to/comfortable with it quite yet. I find the wind and colder air present a challenge that I would rather avoid until I am a tad bit better at it. But as a last resort I laced up my sneakers (both the right and the left) and headed out.
You know what? It wasn't terrible! Yes the wind made it a little harder and my throat felt a little strained because of the temperature but all in all I made it. I ran 2km without taking a break (I wanted one after the first 1/2km if I am being honest) which is good for me and a LOT better then I ever did when I attempted to go out running before. I focused on breathing and told myself that even though I wanted to slow down or walk I need to run just a bit further or I would never get better then I am right now. So I did. I ran when I wanted to give up and that is exactly what I need to be doing...pushing myself to get better all the time.
And every runner secretly prays for a red light now and then right??? :)

Happy Thursday everyone!!


  1. Keep running outside and before long you'll HATE the treadmill. That's how I feel now! I adore my runs outside and dread the winter months when I have to take it onto the treadmill!

    Great job, though!! So proud of you for getting your run in. That's quite funny your forgot your shoe at home, though! Haha

  2. That's so great that you were so determined to get a workout in. You go girl!!

  3. Good job! I am an outside runner myself...I can never find my stride on a TM. It help for me too that I live in Cali. I don't know how I'd react to truly cold weather :) Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow that's certainly an NSV! Great job! And yes, red lights are so nice when you are running! Great job!