If you need me I'll be in the bathroom...

It dawned on me a few days ago that while I eat healthy (most of the time), exercise (at least 4 hours a week) and get plenty of rest (I love my sleep!) I am completely overlooking a huge component in a healthy and balanced life...

I don't drink nearly enough water.


Looking back I am almost positive that there are days when I don't go to the gym and on those days I don't comsume any plain water...not a single drop!

*Double gasp*

Sure I get liquids but coffee, tea and Coke Zero really are no sustitute for refreshing, thirst quenching, sugar free (and aspartame free) water.

And voila! a solution is born (or bought at Canadian Tire for $12.99)

My goal is to drink at least 3 bottles (24oz per bottle) worth a day on top of any other beverages that I come across. This should help me kick the soda habit too because really, how much can a girl drink in 16 hours?

So here's to hydration...but if you need me I'll be in the ladies room.



  2. I love the water bottle! Quitting soda totally helped me up my water in take. But before that I would force myself to get to certain markers (1 bottle or whatever) before I could drink anything but water and coffee(coffee will always take first priority!). Good luck!

  3. Once you start drinking water all the time (I've got a 1L purple SIGG bottle at work), you'll start to CRAVE it. Honestly, I don't want anything else anymore. Okay, except for the occasional glass of red wine...

    P.S. Add some lemon to your water for lots of health benefits (Google it!)

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I just realized I haven't had a drop of it either today. Gonna down a couple glasses before bed. Probably not the best idea, but oh well. :)

  5. Getting a new water bottle always helps spark the water trend. And yours is super cute! Good luck. I need to do the same.

  6. Such a cute water bottle! I need to drink more water too.

  7. Great looking water bottle. That is probably something I should invest in. Though I do drink water, when I'm on the go or at the gym I'm bad about that too.

  8. I have like 4 water bottles that go with me everywhere (even on travel!) and I often am found at the water cooler or ladies room while I am at work...but the water is so good, I can't help it. I just to have a wicked diet coke habit and I just quit on day and haven't looked back.

    The water is so much better and I find I'm less hungry than when I drank soda!

    x, ash