How am I doing? An update on my goals

In an earlier post I outlined some goals that I am working towards in order to keep me motivated on my journey towards a healthy and happier life. Here's an update of how I am doing so far:

-Exercise 4-5 times a week.

Check! Between cardio boxing, Pump class and running I am kicking butt on this one (I have the sore muscles to prove it!)

-Look back on my daily meals and know that I am getting plenty of vegetables, protein and fibre.

Check! I have been loading up on lots of good eats like steamed veggies, skinless chicken breast, whole grain bread, oatmeal and yogurt

-Get more calcium and vitamin D

Umm...sort of check. I have been taking a supplement for both but have forgotten more days then I'd like to admit too

-5K in 30 minutes or less by year end and 10K by spring

In progress....

-Call myself a runner

Check! My last post is proof of that particular declaration

So far I am feeling pretty good about the goals I have set out. I definitely haven't been perfect but I didn't expect to be. This is life, my life, and if I am being realistic I know that its not going to be flawless. But what it can be is pretty darn great and baby, I am on my way!!

PS Those dreaded 5lbs from my second post...4 of them are G-O-N-E!! Whooo hooo!


  1. Yay!! I'm glad that your goals are being accomplished. Even the supplement- it's hard to remember to take them all of the time!

  2. Good for you!! Keep up the good work (especially with the holiday season coming up). Having short term goals has made a huge difference for me. Love yours!

  3. What great progress! I love hearing how you are doing!

  4. keep it up and you most definately will be able to do everything you set your mind to.