I needed to get my butt moving and boy did I!!

What have I been up to this week you ask??

Sunday-5K charity run (34 minutes, which is 10 fulll minutes faster then I completed the same route last year)
Monday-Pump class
Tuesday-4.25km run
Wednesday-Kickboxing class
Thursday-3.6km run (this was supposed to be a rest day but I just wanted to get some running in)
Friday-Kickboxing class

I feel great! Adding the running has given me the variety I need to stay motivated and get my butt to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, which is one of my goals. And you know what? Despite all the back to back exercise I have lots of energy and while my muscles feel worked they aren't achy or sore.
If the weather holds out the bf and I (and our doggie) are headed out for a hike tomorrow which I am really excited about. Fall in Ontario is just beautiful and its a great way to spend an active day outdoors.

What a fabulous week!! Hope you are all having a great week too!! Happy Friday!


  1. I just started adding jogging into my exercise "regime," (sounds so official, doesn't it?), and I so look forward to the days I get to be outside and having a good workout! Congrats on the 34min. 5k! That may be longer than you want, but I am still impressed by it!

  2. WAY TO GO ON THE RUN! That's fantastic! Excersice always makes me feel better, there are so many benefits, it's just the "starting" on the days that you don't want to that suck! But once your done you're glad you started :-)

  3. I'm totally impressed by your workout schedule! And CONGRATULATIONS on improving your time on the 5K! That's awesome!

    Ok, I guess that's enough exclamation marks from me for now... :)

  4. Wow, you've been doing such a great job being active! Way to go!