Happy Thanksgiving Canada...I am stuffed and I have no apologies

Truthfully I have been thinking about Thanksgiving (and my Thanksgiving post) for a week.
Would I report that I had the strength and willpower to avoid the inevitable gorge that is my family Thanksgiving gathering?
Would I feel guilty and upset if I didn't?
And with enough time to thoroughly think it through ( I am amazed at how much thinking I can get done while running. BONUS!!) I realized that I wasn't going to look to willpower to get me through the day and I definitely wasn't going to feel guilty about time spent with loved ones. Instead I was determined that I would enjoy the holiday and all the food (the good , the bad and the ugly) that came with it!
So I made chicken and vegetarian wraps and veggies and dip for the afternoon snack and then bought, ate and enjoyed a slice of cherry pie for dessert. In between there were chips and peanuts and wine and mashed potatoes and a few other things that I generally avoid but you know what?? I don't care!!!
Its one day...one day after 7 whole days of exercise and healthy eating . And its one day before more days of exercise and healthy eating, which can and will start tomorrow.
And thats just it. Sure I have goals and objectives but they also include enjoying life and all that things I am thankful for. And if I am not mistaken thats the whole meaning behind this turkey/stuffing/mashed potato holiday in the first place.
I hope everyone enjoyed their dinners tonight (Canadian or not) and that you take a moment to remember what you have to be grateful for. Enjoy!!


  1. "Sure I have goals and objectives but they also include enjoying life and all that things I am thankful for."

    Well said! You are making positive life choices, not crash dieting and then, "going back to regular." You are simply making your "regular...better...healthier...and being gentle with yourself. When I am about to feel guilty/beat myself up for something, I try to think what I would say to a friend going through the same thing, or one of the other ladies in my "biggest weight loss Challenge group." And you know what?

    I lighten up. I think about about small choices, big choices, everyday choices, and I know I can coach myself to achieve whatever goal I aim for. And I am thnakful for that:)

  2. I totally stuffed myself Sunday AND yesterday, so good for you for only doing it one day!!

    I am on major detox today though - fruits, veggies and lean protein only! Haha