Repeat after me: I will not get the flu, I will not get the flu...

I am determined to stay healthy this flu season. Every year for as long as I can remember I have had at least one knock me down, drag me out kind of flu that has left me miserable for days on end. When I get sick, I get SICK. Aches and pains, fever, short of breath, heachache, exhaustion, the whole nine yards. Its awful and I have had enough. So listen up flu virus, you pesky little sh*t, you are not welcome here anymore!
I started to feel a little sick Saturday morning and decided to dedicate the weekend to keeping it under control. I vegged out on the sofa for the rest of the day yesterday, ate a heaping serving of bean and vegetable soup and two (yup two!) brie, tomato and spinach sandwiches on whole grain bread (so delicious, especially after I grilled them up on my indoor grill) and just relaxed while watching a really awful Lindsay Lohan movie marathon on t.v. Other then the choice of flicks I was determined to do everything right in order to fight off any sickness that might have been trying to take hold of me.
Today has been a pretty lowkey day too. I had planned a run but decided against it, hoping another day of rest would get me back to full health. I made some delicious and nutritious chili with ground turkey, black beans and lots of veggies (carrots, zucchinni, green peppers, mushrooms and spinach if you must know) and other then some much needed cleaning didn't do a whole heck of a lot. Well I did walk to the grocery store for the ingredients for my chili so I guess that counts as a little something in the activity department!
On deck for tonight is a little more nothing with a side of laundry thrown in for good measure. I might even make my new favorite dessert (Baked Cinnamon Apple treat) for a snack! I *heart* lazy Sundays!!
And flu, if your still listening, you can leave now. Oh and get a life, you nosy little bug!!

Tell me, do you think your healthy lifestyle keeps you flu-free? Do you find you get sick more when you don't take care of yourself?


  1. Good job listening to your body cues! I hope you kick the flu's butt! Feel better!

  2. Good luck! I hope you manage to keep the flu away. For me, it's always a NASTY cold. I never manage to avoid it.

  3. Im with u on this one.... anytime i've been around people coughing I turn and walk the other way... I refuse to get sick, its like an accomplishment when darn near everyone else is riddled with the flu bug. Ah, my lazy day will actually be tomorrow... lazy and lohan free thank u very much lol you're a trooper for going thru a marathon!

  4. I too am chanting this mantra. Jeff's daughter Sara came down with a 102 temp Friday that lasted through the weekend. It finally broke late yesterday afternoon. However, this whole time I'm thinking how I am hoping and praying the rest of the family doesn't come down with this.

    As soon as I write here that I'm a pretty healthy person during flu season I'll probably come down with it.

    I have never gone over board with the anti-bacterial soaps and hand wipes. I go with the simple hot water and soap. I think that helps my immune system stay at a pretty high level.