Popeye ain't got nothing on me...

Yum! I have really grown to love steamed spinach (and peppers) with lemon juice.
It tastes good and just makes me feel healthy, like my body knows that I am doing something super good for it and repays me by feeling more alive somehow. Call me crazy but its just not a feeling I get after inhaling a big bowl of Doritos and thats a good thing. I like that my body (and my taste buds) like this kind of food. Now don't get me wrong, I like a big ol' serving of Doritos too, its just nice that the good food choices aren't forced. It really helps me make the right choices when I know that I won't have to choke down my dinner.

Now to change the subject from food to exercise (my two most talked about topics these days!): I ran for a full 5K today. Yes you read that right my friends I ran every single step!! This is the very first time in my entire life that I have managed to run without breaking to walk for that long and it feels so fantastic to know that I did it. Eventually I want to run further and faster but for now I am just so darn proud of myself for this.

I really love being a runner! (See, I achieving one of my goals and calling myself a runner)

So tell me, what accomplishments are you most proud of right now???


  1. Yay for calling yourself a runner!!! The thing I'm most proud of today is walking the 12 flights of stairs even though I didn't want to. AT ALL

  2. CONGRATS! I can remember my first 5K run SO vividly. It was on a track and I felt SOOO amazing afterwards. I wrote a blog post about how much I love running :-)

  3. I too love running, and right now it's my biggest achievment.

    Dinner looked great, I too have learned to like spinach. Have a great weekend!