And so it begins.....

So some may ask; Why now? Why this far into your proverbial weight loss journey? Why not start at the beginning?
The truth is I can't pinpoint the actual beginning and even if I could now I definitely didn't know it then. You see the thing is you have to gain weight in order to lose it. So was the beginning the day I noticed an extra 10lbs that weren't there the year before? The first shopping trip that I fit into a size 13/14 and realized that at the rate that I was going I'd have to move to plus-size? The gradual coming-to-terms with the fact that, despite a number of gym memberships and attempts at one diet or another, my weight was creeping up, not down, and I was getting frighteningly close to a milestone no girl wants to celebrate: 200lbs. Was that where it all began?
Or was it the time I lost 5lbs, only to gain it and 10 of its friends back?
Or what about every New Year's Resolution since age 15?
When did this little journey that, now that I am 27 years old, 35 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight and willing to share it all with the wolrd, get started??
You know what, it doesn't really matter. I am here now. Somehow and someway I got to this point and while I am armed with an aresenal of experience (and pants that are that pajamas in public kind of baggy that forces you to shop for a new wardrobe broke or not) the only place I can go is forward.
Forward means keeping the weight off.
Forward means going to the gym when I'd rather be at home, or at the mall or even at the dentist for a root canal.
Forward means a bad day/a really good day/a rainy day isn't a good enough excuse to scarf down a bag of Spicy Doritos while watching the Sex and the City movie for the 143rd time.
But scary or not I know that I can do this. The first 6 months weren't easy (or perfect) and the next 6 won't be either but I know that I can and I definitely WILL do this.
So here we go..........to health, happiness and the pursuit of perfect, flattering skinny jeans!!


  1. YAY SAM!!!!! this is awesome!! I'm sooo happy for you! Congrats on embracing hard work... having to lose weight is hard... I need to gain the motivation and strength i need to get off the couch and get off my ass to do something about it. It totally creeped up on me .... but its there now and needs to go!
    no excuses!!!!

  2. Thanks and good luck!!
    Oh and call me if you want to go jogging .....

  3. You know, the "why now" is not so important as the fact that it's now or never. You can do this! I'll be here sending you positive vibes every day and helping to hold you accountable (hold me accountable too, will ya?)!