When Good Runs Go Bad

Running; Some days its the most inspirational thing in the world. Other days it just plain sucks. Today, my friends, was of the sucky variety.

I did what I could to get motivated to run, knowing that I should since I had missed my final long run before the 1/2 due to a migraine and a busy schedule. I even tweeted that I should run, that I would run, that I "pinky swore" I'd run.

I also danced it up to my pre-run jam in the way of Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA"(...don't act like you haven't done it!)


That got my out the door, but barely. The run was not good from the get-go. I was tired and my legs even more so. I didn't do anything exercise related all weekend and still I felt like I was lugging along bricks. What is up with that??

I managed to make it 2 stinkin' miles before I called it a day and walked home, slightly defeated. You let me down Miley, you let me down.

I got back to the apartment, steered clear of the Chips Ahoy cookies left in plain sight on the coffee table (grr!)and threw on a yoga video. If they weren't going to be useful during a run the least I could do was try to stretch these dead legs out!

Why yes, I do use a blanket to block out the light so I can see my tv. Don't you?

Similar to the run, the yoga was also short lived. I was just not feeling Jillian today, what can I say?

On to foam rolling, my last attempt to at least equip myself better for my next run.

Alright, really? I had a bad day, my run totally flopped and now this torture? Hell to the no! (and I happen to think cleaning my apartment of the random dog toys, plastic bags and gym gear falls in the torture category ok???)

Enough was enough. The one thing I knew I would not despise was dinner because this girl and good food always get along juuuuust fine!

This guy snuck his way in there somehow. I didn't deny him, just in case he had a bad day like I did and couldn't really stand the rejection. I'm selfless like that.

It's just been that kind of a day.

So tell me, how to you cope when you are having a crappy-kinda day?


  1. I often feel that I'm in a weird funk that's hard to pull out of the rest of the day when bad work out days happen. But days like this happen for everything, and I think it's important to remember that.

  2. Oh I loooove Coke in a bottle!

    I cope by reading a good book and getting lost in someone's story.

  3. I hate it when I run sucks! The next one will be great though :)

    When I'm having a crappy day I pout, them I bitch to friends. I can usually get out of it by the end of the day and if not a drink a glass (or a bottle - ok maybe not a full bottle) of wine. Hope tomorrow is better!

  4. PS - I also hate it when I don't realize there are typos in my comments until after I've hit submit :)

  5. That's still great you managed to do as much as you did. Sometimes you have to start out slow when you are trying to get back in the groove. I bet next time won't be as hard :)

    Do you have Jillian's Yoga Meltdown? I have that DVD and I like it. Haven't made it to the second workout yet though.

  6. oh, and thanks for honoring your pinky swear! LOL That really did give me some extra motivation to hop on that treadmill :)

  7. Oh bad exercise days, I throw in the towel and call it a fluke. They happen to everyone, so no need to let it get your down :)

    I cope with a good snuggle from my pup!...while watching Gossip Girl.

  8. You did a really great job of powering through! I think Miley Cyrus is the perfect music for a workout, though I try to pretend it's not. My remedy for a bad day is to turn on my iPod and drink a Diet Coke. There's just no other way.

    P.S. I just followed you on the Twitter. Stalker here! I'm @dreejay.

  9. not all runs can be perfect. but at least u got out the door. that is usually the hardest part.

    ur dinner does look good. yummm.

    good luck on ur next run. i know it will be a great one!

  10. I like to wallow in bad run days sometimes ... makes the good days that much better! Sounds like you're due for one.

  11. Bad runs make the good ones all the much better. Trust me. I had close to 7 weeks of bad runs and FINALLY had a good run today that I am proud of.

    Your next run will be great! :)

    BTW- You look beautiful in the pictures!

  12. Looks like we're both having the same problem! I think "ruts" are bound to happen to everyone & unfortunately it happens right before a big race. Maybe we should chalk it up to training-induced mental exhaustion?

    You'll snap out of it eventually - if not before hand, on race day for sure!

  13. running is usually my strategy for coping so when it fails, I'm really in a mess :) Then I try to force myself to take an epsom salt bath thinking i can read and it will relax my muscles.. and I can start all over the next day

  14. Just found your blog through The Healthy Apron and girl you are gorgeous!! And yes I have danced my butt off to Party in the USA ;)
    I always hit the gym to cure my crappyness :D