So Now What??

First off I want to thank everyone for their kind words and sympathy on yesterday's post. I spent a good part of the day feeling pretty blah (the rain and a sore throat were not at all helpful in that department ) but I did perk up when I found out that Cynthia had gotten a PR and a colleague of mine qualified for Boston at the race. I'm all about celebrating other people's success when I need a pick me up!!

Oh and a scrumptious breakfast makes a big difference too

Yes I made those and yes you can come over next Sunday. I also believe in celebrating the yum!

Now that the 1/2 marathon hype has come and gone I'm starting to contemplate my next move. While I am planning to maintain my cardio base in preparation for the 30k in August I also want to take a temporary step back from all the detailed training and focus a little more on cross training for the next month.

The thing is, as much as I enjoy running I enjoy cross training just as much, if not ever more. I love the feelings of strength and power that I get from strength and cycling, not to mention that my body responds well to them too.


So here's the idea: No formal training plan until mid-June. Instead I will run once on the weekend (long) and at least once throughout the week (tempo or speed) and focus the rest of my energy on some of the other things I really like. All things considered I hope to maintain most of my endurance but also return to training with a refreshed outlook, ready to take on some personal distance records (PDRs).

Mixing things up a little? Works for me (and my unhappy knee)!!

So tell me, how do you keep your physical activity fresh and interesting? If you run, do you ever take a break?


  1. Mixing things up is always a good thing. It revitalizes the mind and the body! (Sounds deep, huh? ;)).
    I'm all for taking breaks and mixing things up- keeps from getting bored.

  2. i like ur plan.
    my plan is to start training june 1st for Midsummer Night run, but keeping low milage for a few weeks and really concentrating on strength!

    good to hear u r feeling better!

  3. I didn't have a chance to comment yesterday, but what a bummer about your knee! You'll get 'em next time!

    I have to keep my workouts fresh or I burn out and I burn out very quickly. I do at least three different types of workouts a week. I've been on a break from running for a few weeks now. I began to resent it and it just wasn't jiving with me. Within the break, I've fallen in love with anusara yoga.

  4. Celebrating the yum - love that idea ;) And to keep my things fresh, I let my body do the workout it craves. Odd, yes, but if I'm really not feeling the treadmill, I know I won't apply myself like I should, so I go for the yoga/elliptical/whatever sounds like a fun challenge that moment!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I think it is a fab idea to take a break from training plans, I think it eventually takes all the fun out of it and leads to burn out. I love cross training as much as possible and believe it greatly helps when it is time to lace those running shoes back on. Bikram Yoga, biking, and cardio kickboxing are some of my favs... and I soon hope to add swimming to the list.

  6. Mixing things up is the only way I can do things. I run 3-4 (would like to be 5-6) days a week. I lift weights at least twice. And I make plans for spin class every week (notice I say "plan", it at 545 AM whoa!). I find that lifting weights helps give me a more powerful stride.

    Hope you enjoy taking a step back. Do whatever make you (body and mind) happy!

  7. I try to mix it up every day! I frequently buy new work out DVDs I can do from home or take it outside for a walk! I also love strength training! Hopefully you are able to keep up your endurance but x-training rocks so I have faith that you wont lose your fitness!

  8. I'm a new runner, so I'm still pretty focused on building my base, but I cross train 1-2x/week to try & avoid injury.

  9. What a delicious looking breakfast! Good luck mixing things up!

  10. Great plan!!!
    Proud of u for making the smart decision even if i'm sure it hurt your heart!
    SO much better to run healthy and be proud then run hurt and risk never running again
    Ummmm yes please on the pancakes :o)

  11. Oh and i keep my activity fresh by mixing classes at my gym like Zumba and Physique 57 with Running
    Seriously though whats with this weather? Southern Ontario needs some sunshine!!!!!!!!!

  12. Running is definitely my fave, but I love yoga, too. And recently I've been training for my first triathlon, coming up in just a couple weeks. It can be fun to cross-train! : )

  13. Since running my first marathon a few weeks ago, I've really been craving cross-training.. biking, yoga, spin, hiking.. anything physical that makes me feel strong like you said.

  14. I think post race can be a tricky time. I'm a fitness guinea pig though, while running is a constant I change everything else up. Glad you're feeling better.

  15. I change up my routine monthly, so it always feels fresh. I always have a plan though; I think I'd be lost without one!