1/2 Marathon Training- Week Ten in Review

Happy May 1st everyone!! I love the month of May; the weather gets increasingly warmer, the days get longer and May also happens to be my birth month (the 18th in case you were wondering and planning to do any online shopping or whatever...)

Today also marks the end of another week of 1/2 marathon training, leaving me with exactly 2 weeks until the big day!! After a little uncertainty in the last few weeks I am definitely starting to feel a lot better about this race and I am actually looking forward to attempting the distance again.

Here's how the last week of training went:

Monday: Taught Cycle Pump (40 min)
Tuesday: Ran 8k
Wednesday: Ran 6k, Spinning (35 min)
Thursday: Taught Tabata (40 min)
Friday: Taught Cycle Pump (40 min)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Ran 10k race, jogged/walked 7k

Total distance ran: 24k

What I learned this week:

  • Sometimes you are going to have good runs and sometimes you are not. The most important part is you're out there and you are running your bouncy ol' butt off!

  • Sometimes carb loading will be necessary and you'll call in reinforcements

  • Sometimes you'll remember to drink lots of water (1.5L+) everyday instead of  once and a while and you know you're health will be better for it.

  • Sometimes you'll exceed your own expectations and set a PR at your first race of the year and you will have a renewed faith in all the hard work you have been putting in

  • Sometimes training for one big race lets you know you are ready for another one

Stay tuned for an official race recap in the coming days. Until then its time to enjoy some time on the couch and a yummy, yet to be determined dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your day friends!!

So tell me, how did you spend the first day of May?


  1. Congrats on your PR. Looking forward to your race recap. Enjoy your downtime this evening with .... pizza?

  2. I was looking for you and Cynthia, but there were just too many people -- great job on your PR!

  3. Good work- and jogging an extra 17k = Wow!

  4. Love your "what I learned this week." Bad runs are definitely part of half-marathon training, or just running in general. I'd even take a bad run right now =/ Hopefully i'll be out pounding the pavement on Monday.

  5. Happy birth month ;) I like to celebrate the whole month, too!

  6. Nice work on the 10K! You're awesome.

  7. YAY for your PR!!! I spent my May Day quite differently... on the couch. (Bachelorette party Saturday night.)

  8. thats awesome about your PR!!! yay!!

  9. I spent the first day of May kayaking with my dad & brother :)