There Will Be Other Races

It is very frustrating that I am sitting here writing this, when I should still be out on the course in Mississauga finishing my first 1/2 marathon of the year.

It came down to a swollen knee and a tough decision in the very, very early hours of this morning. I can't even pretend to be happy with the outcome of said decision but here I am, home in my pajamas instead of racing.

I am also icing said swollen knee with a bag of frozen fruit because I couldn't find my ice pak when I first got up, only adding to my upset because let's be honest, bratty-ness is the name of the game when you have to drop out of a race less than a few hours before it starts.

I'll keep the actual story short and bittersweet: I felt some achiness and stiffness in my right knee before heading to bed last night but chalked it up to rainy weather and the fact that I had sat around for hours on end and didn't think much more of it.

That was until I got up to use the bathroom at 2:30am and realized I was in even more pain, my knee was more stiff and looked somewhat swollen. Being as stubborn as I am I wasn't going to let it get in the way and figured I'd reassess when it was time to get up.

One problem; now I couldn't fall back asleep. I was noticing my knee in every position I tried to lay in and I started thinking about all the articles I had read about backing down when you are injured. I tossed and turned, contemplating whether this race was going to be the best idea.

It became more obvious that it wasn't when The Boyfriend woke up to find me stressing, took a look at my knee and agreed it was quite swollen looking and asked the question "Are you prepared to start this race, potentially never finish and worse off never run again?"


Sure I trained for months and was looking forward to this day but its not worth exacerbating a slight injury and potentially sidelining myself for months or more. And realistically it was 4am, an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, and I had only slept for three hours. Under none of the circumstances was I physically prepared to race today.

And so I cried about it.

Then I realized (again through the help of some serious sage wisdom on the part of The Boyfriend) that I had already accomplished most of what I set out to do, which was train for a 1/2 marathon. I knew I could run the distance and the race itself was just the culmination of all the hard work. And besides, there would be other races.

That's one smart cookie huh?

And he's right, there are other races for me to work towards. Like these bad boys for example:




And hell, maybe once my knee issues are resolved, I will even find another 1/2 marathon in the next few weeks to run for redemption!

Maybe I will wait for my new life coach (aka The Boyfriend) to ok that idea before I sign up though. I'll leave the big decisions to the Magic 8 Ball and him from here on out!

So tell me, how do you deal with disappointment? Have you ever prepared for something for weeks and had to drop out?


  1. Sorry about your knee! You made the best decision though. It is just not worth it to run when injuried. You're right -- there will be other races and you will rock 'em!

    You are also entitled to a little crying and a pity party. It sucks when you have to cancel something you've been looking forward to!!

  2. That must be so disappointing and frustrating for you! I'd say that you made a wise decision to not run and injure yourself further. It's good to remember that this isn't the only race, and that you have more to look forward to!

  3. I know you're upset this morning, but you did make a smart decision. Your knee will heal with proper care and you will come back stronger than ever. Sending healthy knee vibes your way!

  4. That sucks, but you made the best choice. Get better.

  5. You made one of the hardest and smartest decisions a runner can make.

    I once dropped out of May half marathon around the 8k mark because of the heat. I had trained in cool to cold weather, but then on race day it was 32C with no shade anywhere along the route. I don't tolerate heat well and by the 8k point I was 20 minutes behind pace and felt some symptoms of heatstroke starting. I cried about it at the time, but it was the best thing I could have done.

    I hope your knee heals quickly.

  6. Aw I'm so so sorry to hear this! I know that is sucks but you really did make the right decision. I'm sure you will heal up soon and hopefully you can find another half-marathon to redeem yourself. I know how much it stings to have to drop out, but it just makes the next race all the more meaningful.

    Stay strong girlie!

  7. So sorry about your knee. I feel your frustration at having to "no start" a race you've been looking forward to running. I smiled when I read your bf's words, "... and worse off never run again." Those are the magic words, aren't they? Those are the same words my hubby used on me when I was trying to rationalize playing several more tennis matches on a hurt foot (cause I didn't want to let the team down.) Those words work, don't they? And so smart. I'm glad you did the right thing.

  8. What a bummer! Hope the knee gets better quickly. There will be other races and you made the smart choice! Have a little pity party and then start thinking (more) of the next step...

  9. I can only imagine how disappointed you must have been to bow out. I hope your knee heals fast and you're out on your feet again in no time!

  10. Hi, new reader here... love your blog! That's a bummer about your knee, I hope it heals fast! And good mentality, there WILL be other races, for sure!

  11. looks like you made a smart decision. i hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

  12. ohhhh no! that really sucks. i hope u feel better soon.
    i know all about knee pain. lol

    i met cynthia this weekend during the race and she told me about ur knee. but i think u made the right decision. there will be other races and u only have 1 knee (actually 2...but u know what i mean).
    rest up, keep icing and keep smiling.

    im also doing Midsummer Night's Run so maybe i will get a chance to meet you out there!

    good luck with the knee