1/2 Marathon Training: Week Eleven in Review

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I hope you were able to spend today with one or more of the wonderful women in your life. My sister and I took my mom out for a delicious lunch, followed by some shopping. Girl time at its best!!

Today also marks the seven day countdown to my third 1/2 marathon. As the date approaches I have begun to set a few goals for the race:

My Omigod I Can't Believe I Did That goal: sub 2:10

My I Hope I Can Achieve This goal: between 2:10-2:15

My Happy Enough goal: sub 2:25 and finishing strong

Why 3 goals you ask? I feel like with all the variables that can effect a race (weather, health leading up to the race, potential physical ailments like stomache issues or fatigue on race day etc.) its better to have a few goals that will still leave you satified with your accomplishment in the end. Obviously I would love to pull off a sub 2:10 and I will push myself to meet that time, but I will still be happy coming in within a 15 minute window of that time and I feel that these targets are realistic.

Here's how the last week of training went:

Monday: Sick day
Tuesday: Sick day
Wednesday: Recovery day
Thursday: 5k run, 15 min spinning
Friday: Taught Tabata
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Sick day (migraine)

Total distance ran: 5k

You see what I mean about variables?

Here's what I learned this week:

  • Sometimes sick days happen and they derail your training plans. You can't plan for them and you need to learn to roll with the punches.

  • Sometimes a longing for Spring-like temperatures allows you to overlook a downfall of the season: allergies. Find a solution that works and get on it quick!

  • Sometimes you are going to worry that your bouts of sickness caused an early taper that is going to hinder your ability on race day and then you remember you're there to do your very best and that is all you can hope for no matter what gets in the way.

One week and counting...bring it on Mississauga, bring it on!!

So tell me do you have season allergies? Do they affect your enjoyment of outdoor activities? Ho did you spend Mother's Day?


  1. I have very strong allergies, and today they are worse then they have been all season. This is a post on how I deal with them:


  2. I love the fact that you have three goals for your half...but in the end, no matter what, you ran a half marathon! That, to me, is simply amazing :)

  3. see u in mississauga!
    my goals are very similar to urs. so ill be looking for ya!

    good luck this week with resting up for the big race and carbo loading! :)

  4. Ugh, I do have allergies. Bad ones. To grass. I've returned to the gym recently because it overtakes me if I'm outside for more than 5 minutes and I'm not taking any meds right now because I'm preg. Can't wait for this pollen to pass!

  5. It's good you took those days off for illness. I'm terrible at doing that unless I'm puking or something..but for the most part I exercise depsite and end up making it worse. I've been getting better, though.