Back in the Saddle....Literally!!

Finally, after days of dealing with a slight physical ailment and the flu I woke up today feeling like I was finally starting to get back to my old self. My chest still felt slightly congested but I had my long lost friend Energy back and I was ready to hit the gym and burn some of it off.

I taught a bootcamp style Tabata class at lunch and while I actually instructed more and worked out less than usual, it still felt really, really good to sweat (and not the kind of icky sweat that comes with the flu...blech!!)

After work Cynthia and I headed to a spinning studio nearby to take an intense spin/strength training class that really forces you to push yourself to every limit. Needless to say that the class was a toal butt kick and felt amazing!! And much to surprise I didn't cough up a lung. Yay me!!

There were definitely some happy endorphins floating around after that class!

And some serious sweat too!

You gotta love crazy, sweat drenched girls snapping photos in a random parking lot in the middle of the city. You truly know you are a blogger when.....

We are a wacky bunch huh??

I'm so glad to have bounced back from this illness and grateful that I am healthy enough that a down and out flu is really the worse ailment I've had to deal with in a long time.

I'm also so glad that I am feeling well enough to head out to celebrate my birthday and my friends' musical talents tomorrow night when I go see FIRExFIRE headline a show at a club downtown. The band is awesome and I am so proud of my friends, not to mention excited to hang out and party with some really cool people!! Oh, and I have been asked to assist the band with some social media related endeavours which is such a cool project to be involved with. I won't say much more then that for now but know that I am so freakin' pumped!

And on that note I should really head to bed. After two serious workouts I'm going to need my beauty sleep to get ready to dance the night away tomorrow!

So tell me, after being sick for a few days what's your favorite part about feeling healthy again?


  1. Glad you are feeling better and are back to it, feels good doesn't it! Happy belated, sorry I haven't been on blogworld for a few days but I hope you had a fabulous bday!

  2. glad ur feeling better. and what a good way to feel even better: working out with friends!

    have a great weekend.

  3. There is nothing like feeling healthy again after being sick to make me really, really appreciate my health.
    Looks like you rocked your workouts! Awesome job.

  4. Love the feeling of waking up & not being miserable after being ill. Your parking lot pictures are awesome - love it!

  5. Ha! Had to chuckle at, "You truly know you are a blogger when..." I'm glad you're feeling better. Gotta' love a good sweat session!

  6. SO glad to hear you are feeling better! Eating is probably the best thing about feeling healthy again bc when I'm sick I either can't taste the food, throw up the food, or don't eat.

    Have a happy birthday! Have fun tomorrow night!

  7. Glad you're feeling better... and love your cute workout top!