Rain, Rain, Go Away....

This is what it looks like in Toronto today:

Those are rain drops, and a lot of them, hitting that puddle. Pretty gross huh?

The worst part is its supposed to look like this again tomorrow. And nn case you forgot, tomorrow also happens to be my 1/2 marathon.

Sure, I get that I took a risk by signing up for a spring race but you should be aware that it was sunny and warm all week when I was stuck in the office, working away. Then the weekend, and a race weekend no less, gets here and this is what we're faced with?? Not cool Mother Nature, not cool!!

Oh well, rain or shine I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning, ready to hammer out 13 miles. I mean seriously,  I didn't train this long to let a little water get in the way!

And I might have gone ahead and signed up for another race at the Expo last night...

I'm a total mental case. I mean, its a 30k, which will be the longest distance I have ever run and its also in the middle of the freakin' summer but I saw it this way: I will be in training for a marathon by then anyway and was planning to run 25 or so kilometres as a part of my training, so really whats 5 more if I get to run it with a bunch of people (including Cynthia) and I get this snazzy little jacket free just for signing up!

The jacket is worth 30k of running in my opinion. At the very least its worth the price of registration if I suddenly get my sanity back and realize I don't want to walk 4 blocks in the heat never mind run nearly 19 miles!!

So I'm off to settle in with a bottle of water, some macaroni and the movie Blue Valentine. After all,I got some serious ass kickin' to do in the morning. It'll be soggy but asses will be kicked just the same!

Check back later tomorrow for a race recap.

So tell me, is the weather affecting your plans this weekend?



  1. Just ran a half in the rain a few weeks ago. It's not ideal, but make the most of it! Good luck!

  2. it is rainging here too (tennessee) and is ruining my plans of doing anything outdoors. good luck with your race tomorrow!

  3. Good luck! You'll rock it! I can't wait to read the recap!

  4. Okay I want that jacket :( I was hoping to run that race, I should have gone to teh expo just for that. Good luck tomorrow and I too want that rain GONE. Its my daughters first communion tomorrow, hence why I am not running the Mississauga Half tomorrow, so it better stop raining ;)

  5. The free jacket totally would've roped me in too! Good luck in your race!