Fact: Runners NEED Friends Who Run

There are few things in life that I will go on record as claiming to be facts. Life is a little to tricky for the black and white nature of facts. However, this I believe to be a true statement if ever there was one:

Runners need friends who run

Don't believe me? Well here's a solid list of reasons that proves this to be true.

1. Very few of your non-running friends (NRFs) knew that the IAFF Diamond League was held in Rome this past weekend, that the 5000m men's final was ran in less than 13 minutes or what IAFF Diamond League is for that matter.

2. While we are on the topic of the 5000m, most of your NRFs don't know that a sub 13 minute 5k is kind of a big deal.

3. I doubt many of them know who this dude is either

 4. If they do I'm going to bet that they will slap you if you say "But he ran 100m in 9.72 seconds!" even one more time

5. Same goes for you discussing how fast Kara, Ryan or Meb ran their last marathons

6. You NRFs don't want to talk pre and post race fueling. To them that's called eating and they do it every day.

7. They also don't want to discuss the danger of poor fueling ("Runners trots" makes for very bad dinner conversation with NRFs)

8. Your NRFs don't know what PR, PDR or PB stand for. They also don't know what the hell you mean by mile splits or running a negative split. They will most likely look at you like you are crazy when you talk in this alien language.

9. Your NRFs don't understand why the hell you said no to the second glass of wine or yes to getting up at 7am on a Sunday for fun

10. They don't think running is fun at all

11. Your NRFs will not go out in sub zero temperatures to train with you. Instead they might even laugh at you and remind you that they slept in and drank piping hot coffee this morning.

12. Your NRFs will not understand why you pay money to race when a) you don't stand a chance of winning and b) you can run for free everyday

13. They will not buy the "But there are water/Gatorade stations" excuse for one single second

14. Your NRFs will not understand why you keep, re-read and quote every issue of Runner's World ever

15. They won't understand why you spend more money on issues of said magazine, GPS thingy-ma-bobs, new sneakers every 18 days and Body Glide ("what the hell is Body Glide???!!!") then they do in rent

16. Your NRFs probably don't care that Skinny Runner is organizing a running/blog conference and can't for the life of them comprehend that that's what you'd do for a whole day in Vegas!

17. They could probably also list 23 things they'd rather do on the Vegas strip then run, unless its after a celebrity or away from crazy running types hopped up on Gu (freaks!)

18. Even your very best NRFs thinks you are completely crazy that you'd run for hours on a treadmill and end up exactly where you started

19. Most of your NRFs would not consider losing a toenail as an accomplishment

20. And almost all of your NRFs wouldn't even have finished reading this list

So to all the Running Friends out there, I thank you on behalf of every runner who ever needed someone to talk them through the wall at mile 20, who told a story about poop, who rambled on about Kara's post pregnancy training schedule and who compared (for the sixth time) foam rolling over stretching.

And for all the NRFs who even know what the hell a foam roller is, high five to you too!! We truly couldn't do it without your support even if you do secretly think we are a bunch of self-loathing maniacs!!

So tell me, as a runner how much do you adore your running friends? If you are a NRF what's the craziest story you've ever heard from a friend who runs?


  1. Ha ha, I look like I am still sleeping :) Running Friends are the best :)

  2. lol this is awesome!!! the title speaks for itself. its funny that you posted this because i really need running friends...badly.

  3. This was a great post!!!! :oP

    I'm not really a hard core runner but I am kind of a wannabe. Unfortunately, a stress fracture sidelined me after my recent half marathon (my first).

    My goal is to do a Spring half next year . . . I'm only getting used to jumping up and down on my foot again so I don't want to push it.

    Anywho, point is I may not be hard core but I'm a wannabe that understood and chuckled at all of the above!

  4. OMG I love #12....too funny!
    Yes I have very little runner friends and I so need to change that. Starting to find I have less and less in common with my NRF :(

    Bela who can't post with Blogger for some reason

  5. Lol, love it. Although am embarrassed to admit that I don't know what half of that stuff you said was. Does this mean I'm GASP not a runner??

  6. I Love love love my runner friends. They won't leave me, want to hear about my cuckoo running stories and don't ask me how far 'this' marathon is......

  7. samantha! i totally got goosebumps reading this. loved this post. thnx for writing it!


  8. LOL this made me laugh, even if I have no clue who that runner is that ran a sub 13min 5k (that is insane). and I can not even fathom how that is possible.

    I have a few running friends; I run w/ a group, but I haven't been in so long (bc of my knee/hip issue). I miss them. I'm starting to realize how much I miss running with a group. ugh.

    My NRFs tolerate me. I'm not as hardcore as some people so maybe I don't see as crazy. Although some of them can't figure out why I would want to run 13 miles. Shoot, not even my husband can figure that out :-)

    Great post. Love it!

  9. Love this post! My nrf's think anything more than 3 miles is just crazy.

  10. "You NRFs don't want to talk pre and post race fueling. To them that's called eating and they do it every day."

    LOVE IT.

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