Product Review: Enjoy Life Cookies

You know you're a runner when...

There are probably a million examples I could insert here but the one that rang true today was:

"When you make your way home after a long, exhausting day and a tough lunch time workout only to discover that the temperature has risen above zero for the first time in what feels like years so you promptly drop your bag of groceries in the entrance way, throw on your running gear and head out for a brisk 5 kilometre jaunt."

Yeah, that's how you know you're a runner.

One thing that kept me running tonight was knowing that I had a fun night ahead of me. Thanks to the good people at Enjoy Life Foods I would be taste testing three different types of their soft baked cookies.

If you aren't familiar with the brand, Enjoy Life manufactures products that are free of:

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • dairy
  • peanuts
  • tree nuts
  • egg
  • soy
  • fish
  • shellfish
The products are also free of:

artificial ingredients
trans fats
genetically modified (GMO) ingredients

On paper, Enjoy Life Foods sound like a no-brainer. But what about taste? With all that's missing is there room left for flavour? We'd be the judge of that.

Facing the rather esteemed panel tonight were Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate Brownie and "No Oats" Oatmeal cookies.

At first glance each cookie is conveniently proportioned and as soft and chewy as the package suggests. So far so good. But once again, this is about the taste....

The verdict:

Snickerdoodle- Good. A subtle cinnamon flavor without overpowering sweetness.

Double Chocolate Brownie- Good. Tasty chocolate flavor.

Oatmeal- Really good. Noticeable hint of cinnamon and an unexpected crunch.

I was pleasantly surprised by these cookies and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a gluten free, allergen free or vegan treat.

The Boyfriend (a more skeptical critic) was also quite surprised. In his words: "They definitely don't taste like a foot."

In case you didn't know, that's a two thumbs up!

So tell me, have you ever tried Enjoy Life products? If you are looking for allergen/gluten free do you turn to store brands or make these treats at home?


  1. I have never tried Enjoy Life products. I'll have to keep my eye out for them! Thanks for the review.

    I may be in your shoes later today. I am trying to rest up for a really long run this weekend, but it's supposed to be so nice out! I think a short run is in order :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I will have to keep my eyet out for them as well! ;)

  3. I've seen these but never tried em since I THINK they are expensive? In any case, I usually make all my own home baked goods but it's sweet to know that if I'm ever in a bind these oatmeal cookies can be a go to life saver! haha

  4. I haven't tried any Enjoy life products, but I definitely will keep my eye out to see if I can find some. They look delicious!