Wise Ass!

For all the runners out there...

The next time a non-runner asks you the question:

"What the heck do you run if there is nothing chasing you??"

You should say:

"It might not make sense now, but one day when we are on an African safari together and a hungry lion begins to chase us, you are sure gonna wish you'd practiced for that moment as much as I did!"

As a wise man once said, you don't ever have to be fast enough to out-run the lion, only fast enough to out-run the person next to you!

So tell me, what's a funny running saying or story you have seen (on the web, t-shirt, bumper sticker) or heard lately


  1. Nobody ever said you had to be faster than the lion. You just have to be faster than the other guy. :)

  2. "My sport is your sport's punishment".

    Love it. I remember in school when everyone was misbehaving and the punishment was running, which, at the time, I HATED. Now I sometimes do it for fun...crazy.

  3. LOL! When I came back from the National Marathon, one of my co-workers asked, "Did you win?" I said no. Her response, "Did you even try?" I said, "When you run a marathon, everyone's a winner. We all get the medal to prove it." Some people will never understand!

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!

  5. So funny. Any time anyone doesn't "get" why I run, I put the ball in their court. "Why don't you run?" Hmn.