Healthy Living on Vacation: How Did I Do??

You may recall that I wrote a post outlining my approach to healthy living while on vacation prior to leaving for Cuba. In it I detailed that while I was on vacation I was not completely abandoning all the key elements of a healthy lifestyle like nutritious eats and physical activity.

So how did I do with that you ask?

Ok. Not great, not terrible.

I did run, albeit it was once and only 25 minutes but I still made the effort to lace up my sneakers and get out there.

I ate healthy foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken and rice.

I definitely relaxed..by the pool..on the beach..in the hotel lobby...in my room...pretty much everywhere I could! I read trashy gossip magazines, started a new book and caught up with my best friend. In the relaxation department I think I get top marks!

On the flip side I also ate not so healthy things like donuts, chocolate and ice cream. But c'mon, it was free and unlimited! Whats a girl to do really?

I also drank more then I needed to and paid the price big time. I don't have any photos to share of that moment...you're welcome for that!

And I ended up with health issues has a result of not taking proper care of my self and my eyes. Stupid mistake and one that I can't afford to make again. Seeing is kind of a big deal to me!!

If you ever take any of my advice (despite any medical certification or training) please remember to take out your contact lenses when you sleep. Hypoxia is a scary, painful and inconvenient thing. Take my word for it.

So yes, there were lessons learned on this vacation such as: one tequila, two tequila three tequila...you're sick as a dog and will miss the much awaited trip on a catamaran. But even more importantly I came back with a refreshed perspective and the knowledge that I need to:

  • take more time to relax on a regular basis and not wait for an annual vacation to decompress.

  • accept the things I cannot change. To put it bluntly, shit happens. Sometimes you can't do anything but go with it.

  • embrace who you are right now. I'm not at my ideal weight and all my pants are a little snug but I am confident and I feel good about the me that I am and that I will be. Getting back on track with my healthy little life will only add to that sentiment. But for now I am comfortable enough to post a *gasp* bathing suit picture and not care who see it or what he/she might think about it either!!

Self-love as a souvenir? I'll take it!

So tell me, whats the best thing you ever brought home from vacation?


  1. Calories don't count on vacation, right? Well, maybe they do, but it doesn't mean you can't make up for it once you return to reality!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, let loose and lived to the fullest! That's how memories are made :)

    Sorry about your eye! It's SO easy for me to forget to take out my contacts.

    And finally (sorry this is so long) -- you look awesome!!!

  2. You look beautiful! I think vacation is all about finding a good balance - I like trying to stay semi-healthy because thats when I feel best, but I also don't deny myself ice cream, pancake brunches, and all the fun stuff that comes with vacation :) I totally know what you mean about rolling with the punches on vacation too, because things hardly ever go exactly how you plan, but vacation is all about fun and relaxation. SO glad you had a good time!!!

  3. Seriously you look hot in that bikini....I have to ask what is your tattoo? I love hearing about stories behind tattoos, I also want another and haven't decided what yet...LOL
    Sorry about your eye, has it healed already?

  4. sounds like you did pretty well compared to how most people act on vacation!

    also, you look great!

  5. Girl, you look fab! And I think you vacationed perfectly- relaxing, some treats mixed with a few healthy foods, too. It's a week out of the year- you can relax and soak it ALL in :)
    I agree though, that I get frustrated with myself if I overdo it on alcohol. I hate missing a day due to feeling cruddy.
    So glad you had a blast!!

  6. I'm so glad you have a fun vacation! I try to maintain a balance on vacation, but usually that means indulging more often and exercising less. I just try to keep myself feeling good.

    And you look beautiful!

  7. Aww, you look great! Well, not the eye picture. Not fun!
    I think the best thing I ever brought home from a vacation was the knowledge that I love getting away on vacations. I never knew until my first "real" vacation - which was my honeymoon. It was the first time I traveled to somewhere where there was no family and I had to book everything on my own. And I loved it! I can't believe there is so much to see out there and I've barely seen any of it. So, now I'm on a mission. :-)

  8. Girl! Rock that bikini! :)

    When I went to Costa Rica for spring break, I learned so much about myself. Back at home, I am uptight, never go out, and always do school work. However, when I was in Costa Rica, I relaxed, got to volunteer with children (LOVED it!), and went out at night. Sure I drank EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT (I hardly drink at home) and drank enough beer to last me awhile, I learned that it is ok to let loose, have fun, and be the life of the party. ;) You are only young once and you have to live it up!

  9. Glad you enjoyed your vacation! Loved ALL your photos -- thanks for keeping it real. You look great in your bikini. Way to go!

  10. I think the best thing I ever came from vacation with was after my business trip to Atlanta last year (I know, not a vacation). On that trip, lack of access to a gym forced me outside to run. I'd stopped running completely because of shin splints, and I learned I could run again. Running made me feel healthy and happy again, and it truly turned my life around. I got the gift of running and it was way better than a t-shirt!

    Glad you had such a great time and that eye-thing sounds scary! I hate anything that has to do with eyes!

  11. I adore the phrase, "Self love for a souvenir." I felt that while I was camping over the weekend. We were on the island from thurs afternoon - sun morn and I'm willing to bet i spent 90% of my time in a bikini. I'm pretty self-conscious (check out my post yesterday for more details on that).. but I felt okay all weekend about being in a bikini..in front of quite a few other people. It was pretty empowering.

  12. You're rocking it in the bikini! And, vacation is all about balance. If you stuck to fruits & vegetables on the entire trip, you'd miss out on opportunities to try new things & enjoy yourself!

  13. Paula from Eat Watch Run mentioned your blog to me today as you are also Canadian, so thought I would say hi! Looks like you had a great vacation and you rocked that bikini!

  14. Hey I'm your newest follower! I had posted a comment on Leigh's blog "All You Need is Love" about my failure lately to find any Canadian bloggers, and someone commented after me suggesting I check out yours! It's nice to find another fellow Canadian!! :)

  15. You OWN that bathing suit! Seriously, you look great and even though you aren't where you want to be, who's to say you can't love where you are now as well? I mean, what's not to love, right? :)

  16. you are so beautiful!!! and loook so hot in a bikini!! yes, vacation is time to indulge for sure!!