The run that started it all...

One year ago today I completed the CIBC Run for the Cure, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, for the third time. It was an important day for me because it's a cause that I feel strongly about but also because it was the day that I decided that I wanted to run. After years of excuses- Oh, I'm not built to run...Oh, its not in my genes...Oh, I have diminished lung capacity- I got out there and ran because it felt good and it was for something so much bigger than me. And for the first time ever I ran for over 1k without stopping and that was what I needed to finally believe that I could become a real runner.

2009 time: 34 minutes

Flash forward to one year later. I can now say that I have completed two 10ks, a 10 Miler and a 1/2 marathon. I have also logged countless kilometres in training and learned a hell of a lot about the importance of cross training, rest, stretching and good nutrition. To say that I have come a long way from where I was 365 days ago is an understatement. To say that I am proud of me would be the same.

2010 time: 27 minutes (my new 5k PR)

Today was definitely about the cause, but like finding a cure, this run proved to me that sometimes you just have to believe!

So tell me, what have you accomplished in the last year?


  1. What great run and more importantly, a great lesson learned about running! From everyone who has been affected by breast cancer - friends, families, mothers, sisters - thank you so much for running for this cause!

  2. <3 this post. Running is my love.

  3. Way to go! What a good feeling eh? I felt the same way after the Army Run in Ottawa. It's overwhelming when you truly can feel proud of yourself!
    Just think, where will you be next year!?! I smell a full marathon in the cards for you :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats on another great race! I ran my first 5K last October and share your sentiments. It was really the first time I 'ran' for any period of time and I caught the bug. That same race is being run next weekend and I am so tempted to go run it again.

  5. CONGRATS!!! Excellent job! One thing that I love about running is that you can measure your progress! Good feeling, right?!

    I'm considering doing another 5k but I feel lazy and don't want to commit! :)

  6. Awesome and Inspiring!

    The Race for the Cure is the race that also transformed me into a runner. After years of walking it, I decided to run it one year...now 7 half marathons and 3 marathons later...I'm a Runner! Next up...hoping to qualify for Boston marathon at White Rock marathon in December!

  7. 27 minutes! That's amazing. In the past year I have lost 50 pounds, run 6 races including a 10k, and I'm about to run my first half-marathon on Saturday. I'm constantly amazed by what my body can do if I just believe that it has unlimited potential.

  8. How awesome!! I'm so happy for you!! Let's see...what have a I accomplished? Great question!! I think reducing my exercise to a normal pace has been a huge accomplishment for me! Even though I recovered from "exercise bulimia" long ago, sometimes I just exercise too much. Within the last year I really got better about listening to my body. pain = STOP :)

  9. i've trained for & completed a half marathon. i've set a new 5K PR while suffering from a respiratory illness. i trained for a triathlon only to be benched b/c of severe anemia. i took iron infuses, was released for training, and completed my first triathlon last week.

    oh and my husband & i celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary in California, we bought a home together and are on track to pay it off in 5 years.

    i'm a modest person who struggles with self worth issues, but when i put it that way i sound pretty freakin awesome.

    thanks for that prompt! i think i'm going to turn it into a blog post. but for now i'm going to read all about your half.

  10. Awesome!

    I ran my first 5K this year!

  11. Congrats on a great run!

    What have I accomplished? My husband and I paid off 30K of credit card debt in the past year! Woohoo!!!

  12. I just found your site! Congrats on coming off of such an amazing year. That's such a huge accomplishment to have lost so much weight AND be fit to boot. So many people just lose, but don't get strong in the process. Love your story;)