I sure over-promised and under-delivered on this one

So, here it is, the long awaited 1/2 marathon recap that by now you probably forgot that yo were waiting for.

First off, I should say that this isn't the post I wold have wrote if I'd gotten around to it that day..or the next day..or even 4 days later for that matter. This, my friends, is the post that stems from 10 days of rest and recovery and the benefit of a fading memory. Much the same way that they say you forget how much giving birth hurts (I wouldn't know but please don't correct me if I'm wrong), I know this one sucked in a big bad way but I can see past that now. Thank goodness!

To pick up where I left off in my last post would only draw out the agony from whatever recess of my mind that it is hanging out in, so instead I will leave it at this:

I would have had a better race if...

I didn't have to stop and find a washroom in a local Second Cup up at kilometre 5...

If I didn't start cramping, first on my right side then all across the top of my abdominal wall, at kilometre 7...

If my legs didn't turn to lead shortly after kilometre 7 and stay that way for the rest of the race.....

If when they told me 200m to go (in other words, "Girl, start running your ass of now!!") they hadn't been asking for a miracle that I only somehow managed to pull off....

If when I had tried to call The Boyfriend after the race to report that I was exhausted, in pain, cold and hungry (in that exact order) and could he come find me quickly please, my Blackberry hadn't been full of moisture and thus not working AT ALL!

So yeah, not the greatest run of my life. But now, 10 days later I can look back and even laugh about it. You can't win 'em all and I definitely didn't come out on top this time. Oh well, there's always next year right?

Another good sign that I have moved on from this mild disaster? I am thinking about signing up for a 30k race in March....but that's a story for another time!

So tell me, have you ever had one event go from bad to worse, to EPIC FAILURE? If yes, share with me please!!



  1. Ugh, sounds like everything was getting in your way during that race, but you know what? You didn't give up. You finished and honestly, that way more than I would have done!

    I love your attitude about this though. Way to not let a bad race get to you!

    There will always be bad races, bad days, bad training runs, bad eating days, etc., but learning from them and brushing them off are truly what counts. Bad race or not, you kicked butt!

  2. Sorry it was not all you wanted it to be. I've been there. I "ran" a marathon in May and it started to go bad at mile 8! It was not perfect but now looking back I can see that I learned a lot about myself. Look for a positive in your race and then move forward.

  3. that is not an epic failure! no worries. there will be other races!!

    The race u r referring to, is it Around the Bay?? Im doing it too! i heard its awesome

  4. I think a few days rest is exactly what you needed. I'm glad you're staying positive about running. You did the best that you could with the circumstances you were in. You still rock!

  5. You push yourself even though everything was going wrong, for that, your my superhero!!!! No Mather how bad life can get sometimes, the true strength is within ourself and you have that way of thinking! I start running a few weeks ago and you are truly an inspiration, keep moving forward !

  6. You did awesome. You finished what many never even start! That last photo is a classic. Seriously just perfect. :)

  7. I'm sorry that your race didn't go as well as you'd hoped, but I love your attitude about the whole thing! You're right that they can't all be perfect, so you just have to pick yourself back up and get ready for the next one! :)

  8. I'm sorry your race didn't turn out the way you planned but keep your positive attitude!! Mind over matter!

    ps. why wasn' t the bf there? haha you need a cheering section!

  9. In echoing everyone else, I'm also really sorry that the race didn't go well for you. BUT -- it's impressive that despite all your setbacks, you finished anyway! That's a long way to run with cramps and legs that feel like lead! I think this experience will only make you stronger!! And hopefully your next race (whether it be that 30K or something else) will go much better for you!

  10. Yeah my first and only half marathon experience wasn't so super either. Running is hard! I know that's stating the obvious but sometimes I feel like we need reminders every once in a while : )

    Sorry the race didn't go well!

  11. So sorry your race wasn't the best:( Way to go for sticking it out though! It's not always about it how great you did - sometimes it's even more admirable that you just stuck with it when it sucked! So you should feel really great about that:)

    And remember, for every bad run, there is usually 10 good ones!