Writer's Block

I'm back but once again empty handed as far as race recaps go. I just can't seem to find the words this time around. That and I really want to add photos but they won't be available until later tonight or tomorrow I am told.

What I will leave you with is a teaser of sorts to hold you over until the recap is ready.

On the morning of the race I woke up feeling good. I had gotten more sleep this time. I had been more relaxed the night before this time. I knew what I was getting myself into this time. This was going to be a good race!

That was until I accidentally deleted my running playlist on my iPod when trying to add a couple extra songs. F%^&!!! Not good. Not good at all!

Then, after frantically reloading some songs and gathering what I thought was everything I would need for the day The Boyfriend and I headed out the door and were on our way to the race site. That was until I gasped loudly after realizing that I had forgotten the Garmin at home (I had borrowed it from a friend to keep on pace for this race). Immediately we turned back to retrieve the gadget and then continued on our way.

The mayhem didn't stop there though. When The Boyfriend went to take a picture of me before the race began we realized that the Garmin wasn't the only thing that had been forgotten. The camera was in the bag but alas, the memory card was not. F%^&, F%^&, F%^&!!!

At this point I trudged to the starting line, trying to shake off the annoyance I was feeling but lets just say this was unfortunately only the beginning of what would be a very frustrating morning .....

Stay tuned for the rest of the recap tomorrow.


  1. I hate when things seem to snowball like that! I'm the queen of forgetting to put back in my camera battery.

  2. I can definitely relate to the wonky morning thing. I made the stupid decision to stand in one of the giant lines in the Community Centre and ended up having to sprint to the start line (the gun actually went off before I got there...oops. Thank heavens for chip-timing).

    The rest of it was fabulous though. Siiiigh. I hope you at least had a good run!

  3. oh no......
    hopefully things turned around for u...

    looking forward to reading all about it!

  4. Where was the memory card?!
    Looking forward to the whole recap! :)

  5. Ouch! Rough start, I hope it gets better! I forgot a funtioning camera too... lame. :(

  6. That's rough. I can't wait to read the full recap.

  7. Uh oh, not off to a great start, but I'm hoping it went well after that. Looking forward to reading the rest of your recap!

  8. Oh my gosh...that sounds like an INCREDIBLY stressful race morning! I hate when I feel all discombobulated like that on race day.

    But...congrats on finishing the race! I'm looking forward to reading the recap!

  9. That was a good teaser (well, not good, but, ya know...) because I definitely am tuning in to read your next post! I hope this is one of those experiences that you can laugh at in a little while. Also, check out our CNS Stores giveaway for $35! Click here to enter!