Sometimes you just have to walk away...

By nature, I am not a quitter. I will relentlessly look for solutions. I pride myself in being resilient. I hang on, at times beyond reason, when everyone else would give up, call it a day, say goodbye.

This my friends, might all at once be my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. It all depends on the situation. It kind of depends on who you ask too.

That being said I uncharacteristically quit my part-time job today. The truth is that I was miserable, disgruntled and under no uncertain terms, a huge downer when it came to that job. I was selling my free time and in essence, a part of my happiness, for a few spare bucks. Not exactly a fair trade if you ask me. It was a resignation that was a long time coming and no matter how hard I tried to convince myself to get past all the unsatisfying things about it I just couldn't do it. Not for one more stinkin' day.

So that's it. I walked away. And I feel relieved. Sure I might have a little less cash to play with but I will also have my time and a little piece of my sanity instead. Now that's the kind of deal that I'm a little more comfortable with!

And now that I think about it, being a quitter kinda kicks ass!

So tell me, what have you quit and felt great about


  1. Good for you! Knowing that you aren't typically a quitter means you probably tried everything to make the job work and sometimes, they just aren't meant to be. Glad that you are proud and comfortable with your decision!

  2. I say why be miserable, good for you! You are not a quitter, you just know what you want and go for it ;-)

  3. I did that a year ago April...a part time job. Once I was no longer excited to go,I quit. It was more about me getting out of the house. It ended up making me cranky! LOL. Doesn't it feel great to know you have that time back!!

  4. Some decisions are so difficult to make but when you do it feels so right. Congrats and I hope you find some relief!

  5. Way to go on quitting! That extra money isn't worth it if it was making you so unhappy.

  6. A healthy balance in life is far better than a few extra bucks! Way to go!

  7. Good for you! It's no good having money if you're miserable all the time. I can't think of anything off hand that I quit, even though I know it happened.

  8. Good for you.

    I quit my job last year -- I was a credit card debt collector and hated it with all my might. We were ok financially so finally when it got to be too much I quit. One month later I found my current job that I love!

    Your sanity and time is worth a lot -- so I'm happy for you for making this choice!

  9. I am very similar to you. I love to fantasize about quitting things I hate, but I never do because I can already imagine the sense of guilt washing over me before I even do it. Well, I did quit fencing...of course I only went to two classes.
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  10. I'm like you...I try to stick things out. But everything has a cost. Your happiness is not worth an extra couple bucks. Enjoy the freedom from a crappy job!

    Congrats for having the courage to do what's best for you!

  11. D'accord, your life, spare time and happines are very more important that some bucks. I already changed three times of college: first I began chemistry engineering but I don't liked and quit; after was biology and then I discovered I don't would wanna be a scientist; and for last I tried Laws but was a very serious profession to me so I signed out. This year, 2011, I guess I found it, journalism.
    I'm already working on a Newspaper and I like it.
    I think the life is question of choices and you cannot be afraid to do them like you showed us.

  12. Congrats to you!! I am not a quitter either, but quit my job 2 weeks ago after it had made me miserable for 15 months. I am so glad you had the courage to walk away - heres to a more happier life! :)

  13. And now that I think about it, being a quitter kinda kicks ass!

    This is kind of funn:) Good for you though! It is so hard to take that leap and quit something that you know isn't the best for you. I quit my full-time job this past June, and even though I still haven't quite figured out what the heck I'm doing, I haven't regretted it for one second. It was holding me back from realizing where I want to be going, and no job is worth that! Congrats!