My Everest

Thank you all for the support and encouragement on my last post. It is always difficult for me to give up on something but I feel really confident that this was the right choice. In a busy life where a full time career, running and other fitness goals, a relationship, friendships, family and personal time are all hugely important and very much a priority, something had to give and in this case the part time job was the one thing I would miss the least. Its all about balance and priorities, right?

And now that I have freed up some time I am able to take on challenges like this:

Meet my Everest, otherwise know as the hill that will meet me at kilometre 3 of my upcoming half marathon. I'm not even sure if this photo does it justice but let me just tell you this one is a calf/quad/lung killer.

Bottom line, it intimidates the hell outta me. So much so that I wasn't going to sign up for this race because of it. I have attempted it before and it literally takes my breath away.

That was until I reminded myself that you can't avoid the things that are tough, you have to face them head on. I had avoided running for the very same reasons and had to get past it. When I did I proved to myself that I am stronger and capable of more then I give myself credit for. I changed my mindset then and can do it again this time. I will get over it, in this case literally.

And so in the battle of me and that hill I say "Bring it"

6 days and counting....

So tell me, is there something that you have had to get past to achieve your goals or prove your own strength to yourself?


  1. You will crush that hill! We are our own worst enemies...but we can be our biggest fans! It took me awhile to believe in myself, but I've found out that hard work and dedication yield great results.

  2. The fact that you are even attempting it, makes you braver than most :)

    You'll kill it - no doubt!

  3. ohhh i know that hill too. thats on yonge street right??
    its a toughy!

    but remember this "hills built character". that is a sign that i saw at my first half marathon (ironically - the goodlife toronto marathon) and have never forgotten it!

  4. Eep. I'm running this race as well. I've heard of this hill from various runner friends who have run it before and...this picture is much scarier.

    *bites nails*

  5. "You can't avoid the things that are tough, you have to face them head on."
    That is so true! There is no point avoiding the things that intimidate you. You've been training for this, and you will be amazing.

  6. congratulations on making the right choice for YOU! THat's what matters and I'm sure it will work out :)

  7. I'm just catching up from being on vacation, but good for you for walking away from the part time job.... a work/life balance is SO important to health and I think you did the right thing!

    Now go tackle that hill :)

  8. That hill does look tough. But mental strength makes such a difference. Stay strong!

  9. First of all, congrats on quitting the job. It can be hard to walk away from something, but this sounds like it was the best decision for you! You definitely have to find your balance in life. :)

    Secondly, that hill DOES look rough! But you will conquer it! I love what you said about facing the tough things head on. Just keep visualizing yourself cresting over the top. And remember, you can't go uphill forever. ;)