More about the 1/2 marathon and an announcement....

Once again my utmost gratitude to you all for your kind words and ongoing support. I can't begin to tell you how much it all means to me. You guys rock!

As I mentioned in my last post my very first half marathon was a HUGE running success for me. Not only did I accomplish a major goal but I found a renewed love for running. Isn't that crazy? The longest and most challenging run of my entire life ends up being my favorite. Ever. Who woulda thought that right??

I can't say for sure what it was but I am almost positive that my ability to enjoy the run was significantly impacted by my mindset that day. Of course my training and diet played a huge role but let's be real, running is a mental sport too. You really have to dig down deep sometimes to get your head out of negativity, pessimism, boredom and defeat. Thankfully my head was in the right place last Sunday and left the hard work up to my legs.

Now you might think I am utterly crazy (and maybe I am) but not two days after the race, with sore, stiff legs, I went ahead and signed up for this bad boy:

That's right boys and girls, I am running another 1/2 marathon! And what's even more wild is that I am doing it in 17 days! Wowza!!

I don't know if it was a prolonged runner's high or what but I just couldn't help myself. I first dared think it out loud to The Boyfriend nearly 20 minutes after finishing on Sunday. He laughed it off figuring I would change my mind when the hurt kicked in. Obviously he does not know that I am not so easily deterred by a little lot of stiffness and swelling.

To be fair I did let myself get through the initial 24 hours without making any rash decisions (unless you count the decision to go on a 4k walk 3 hours after I got home from the run site as a rash decision). But by Tuesday I couldn't deny it anymore, I wanted, no NEEDED to run it!

So $85 later (holy freakin' gawd!) and I am committed to another 21k in less than 3 weeks. This should be interesting to say the least. Call me crazy but sometimes its all about beating your (newly acquired) PR!!

So tell me, what's the craziest thing you have done lately?



  1. Nice job! I signed up for my second half-marathon two days after my first but it was two months afterwards. There's something addictive about these big races isn't there! :-)

  2. I think most races are signed up for immediately after a previous race :) You are going to do awesome and I can't wait to hear about it!

    I don't quite live on the wild side, so I can't think of a crazy thing to save my life!

  3. I signed up for 1/2 #2 right after my first! and then #3 right after number 2...and then a stinking marathon right after number 3! It's totally addicting...

  4. Woohooo! I think someone's got racing fever!! Good luck with this one - I did the GoodLife half in 2007 and it was great! :)

  5. ill be seeing u there! u will do great.
    the Goodlife half is really fun!

  6. Your post just made me even more excited for my very first half-marathon, which by the way is the Goodlife one you just signed up for!

    Thanks for the recap(s). Ever since I've started training I've been obsessed with reading other runner's experiences.

  7. I don't think you're crazy at all! I think you're an Official Runner!! Isn't so exciting? I can't even begin to tell you all the money I've spent on races, shoes, travel gear, GU, etc., throughout the years. The races make it worth every single penny! Good for you!!

  8. How exciting! I think you will find doing another one so quickly will make you that much stronger. I see a PR in your future. Good luck girl!