Confession: I've never had almond butter........

Shocked? I know, it's completely crazy!

Well while we're at it, I've never had VOO (vegan overnight oats for the 2 people out there who have never heard of them). Did you gasp? I don't blame ya.

Ok maybe I do....a little. The thing is I just can't get on board with the preparation involved. I can barely throw together dinner when my stomach is growling some nights never mind have to think about breakfast too. Now that doesn't mean I am not down for a healthy and satisfying breakfast, because this girl, she likes her some food in the morning. All it really means is I need something a little more on-the-go.

Enter my breakfast of champions almost every weekday.

Looks yummy don't ya think? Well it is. And its simple too. Sugar-free instant oatmeal (ya I went there, don't judge), chia seeds, blueberries and raspberries (or sliced banana depending on the day). Sometimes when I am feeling a little more adventurous I even throw in some almonds. Crazzzy!

So there you have it, a healthy living blogger who's never had two of the most popular foods out there. I'm such a weirdo.

Food Inc.

So as I promised day ago I am going to write a little about Food Inc. tonight, although in truth it could easily be a 12 part series if I really got into it. There is just so much to say about that film that its hard to know where to start (or stop) which is why its taken me days to get this out. But here I go, on my soap box, for all the world my 12 regular readers to hear:

Food Inc. disturbed me. I hid my face on more then one occasion. I considered turning it off at least 3 times. I recoiled in horror, cringed and even cried and yet I would recommend this documentary to every person, everywhere. There is so much revealed in Food Inc that is so unbelievable that it may leave you wishing that you never knew and yet the biggest problem of all is that not enough people do.

Too few people know the horrors of factory farming and the mistreatment of both workers and animals. (Click here for information)

It's not well known that the average food product travels 1,500 miles to get to the grocery store and that that contributes 30,800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. (Read about that here)

People are not given enough exposure to the damaging effects of pesticides and food born illnesses. (Here and here)

It isn't common knowledge that 1 billion people worldwide do not have secure access to food (For more information click here)

And this is definitely not a time to be a naive or want to beg that ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power and we need more of it.

I am shocked and appalled not only because this is going on in my backyard (and yours) but that I really didn't know it until now. Like an ostrich with my head in the sand I was blind to the fact that these types of issues are plaguing this continent. Yes I knew that organic was probably the better choice, as is vegetarian and locally grown food. And sure I even realized that access to affordable and healthy food was something that governments all around the world need to make a priority but I can honestly say I just didn't get it.

And no, Food Inc. didn't turn me into a full blown vegetarian/vegan, nor have I stormed the steps of Parliament with a petition in hand. What I have done is reconcile that I can make a difference and, if for no other reason then my own peace of mind, I have to.

Changes that I plan to make include:

  • Purchasing free range chicken and eggs
  • Buying more locally grown produce
  • Avoiding products with high fructose corn syrup
  • Buying organic when possible
  • Continuing to avoid dairy products
  • Examining food labels
  • Continuing to eat vegetarian meals regularly
It's not a lot but for now its a start. And I think if every made little changes it really would start to add up. The industries that perpetuate this atrocities need to see that people are not going to stand for it. Threatening their bottom line is really the only way to compel them to action. Its time to take back our right to healthy, chemical free, hormone free and affordable food!

As I said, I could go on about each of these issues ad nauseum. Instead I will finish here but hope that you take a moment to read through some of this information. And if you only have time for one link may I recommend this one--> Eat Well Guide. This resource allows you to input your location (zip code or postal code) and it will provide you with links to local and organic food in your area.

So tell me, have you seen Food Inc.? Do you want to join me on my soap box and let me know what you thought?



  1. I watched this about 6 months ago and obviously was appalled as well. I used find myself taking the rather pessimistic stance on issues like this , thinking"well, I'm just one person, what can I really do?", but this film changed my view of that. Every time I choose free-range vs. non-free range or organic over conventional, I am in a little way making an impact. It gave me hope to truly believe that I am making a difference with the little choices and that those choices add up. Not many documentaries have had that effect on me.

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious!! I've never had almond butter either : ) I've been wanting to try it though because I loooove peanut butter!

  3. I've never had vegan overnight oats either. I don't do the cold and mushy.

  4. I watched it quite some time ago, but won a copy of HLS and have been meaning to watch it again . . .

  5. I haven't seen Food Inc, mostly because I know the factory farming parts would make me cry. I just can't watch that sort of stuff. It looks like you are making good changes to your diet!

    I've tried VOO and I didn't like it -- too mushy and just tasted weird. Almond butter is pretty good though :)

  6. I haven't seen Food, Inc yet, although I want to! I'm a little hesitant though because I easily get grossed out. I try to make as many conscious choices as possible, including buying local, organic, grass-fed and humanely treated meats,etc.

    I loved In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan which talks about the some of the same ideas :)

  7. really and truly you ahve to try almond butter, i know it's crazy expensive so make it a reward for kicking butt during your training.

    i have wanted to see that movie and yet not seen it because I'm afriad some of the scenes would scar me

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love this post - I don't know if you like/have access to farmer's market (I just discovered your blog after you left the comment on mine :)) but I find that is a good way to combat the factory farm concepts of the movie :)

  9. I do instant as well! GASP... I don't have time, but I will make time one of these days!

  10. I've been starting to make some of the same changes lately as well, though I haven't seen Food, Inc. I'm sure it would seal the deal if I watch it. My hardest thing is giving up Greek yogurt. Any ideas for substitutions? I use it to make overnight oats (Rolled oats, greek yogurt, mashed banana, peanut butter, raw cacao and a splash of milk). Its like pudding in the morning! Also, I like the protein it provides. My thought with switching to organic and mostly vegetarian at the same time is that my grocery bill may balance out since beans are way cheaper than steak!

  11. knowledge is power, right? so important to know! and there is soooo much to learn! if only health, fitness and nutrition knowledge were taught from an earlier age to all!


  12. Food Inc. has made me a vegetarian! I have always been an on and off vegetarian... but this turned me for good! Love the movie and I think everyone should be aware of where their food comes from!

  13. I loved reading your review of Food, Inc.

    It hits home with me, as I had E.coli myself - thanks for spreading the word!!