A Change in Plans...

When I left the house this morning I was already thinking about my post tonight. I was excited because I was finally going to Fresh (a popular vegetarian restaurant in Toronto) and I was going to catch up with an old friend, eat good food and then come home and tell you all about it.

Alas, it was the post that would never be written. Something came up and my friend was unable to make it and we are going to reschedule for another time (but definitely not another place!).

So what was a girl to do? Well never fear cuz Cathy's here!

In truth I had double booked myself this evening. (I'm just that popular...riiiiight) A friend and coworker who moved out of province to our Alberta office last summer was in town tonight and was stopping by for a drink after work. I had planned to mix and mingle with that crowd for an hour and then head to Fresh but when plans changed I quickly decided a night with Cathy & Co. was in order.

Ok, so it wasn't exactly the best night outside. C'est la vie because indoors was just fine. The beverages flowed almost as well as the conversation but I limited myself to just one in honour of the special guest.

Because I was now staying for dinner I looked over the menu, on the hunt for something appetizing and healthy. My first inclination was a veggie burger with salad but when I eat out I usually aim for something different then my typical fare. And there it was, in all it's goat cheese glory...

May I introduce you to the new love of my life: (sorry Boyfriend but if you were there you would understand) Grilled Mediterranean Chicken. Smothered in goat cheese, resting on a bed of Asian vegetables and chickpeas and finessed with pomegranate molasses this is delicious personified!

So all and all, even though plans were changed at the last minute this turned out to be a fantastic night. I guess the best laid plans are plans that weren't really laid at all!

Oh and I almost forgot, like the good lil' lady in training that I am I skipped over dessert at the restaurant but made myself a yummy bowl of Banana, Peanut Butter and Coffee soft serve when I got home.

Cuz that, my friends, is how I roll...

So tell me, what yummy dish have you discovered lately? If it's homemade and you blogged about it, leave me a link won't ya??


  1. That looks SO DELISH! Don't you love spontaneity? If you want a great, healthy dessert, try my 'special brownies'.

  2. I haven't had goat cheese in foreevvveeerr! But it's one of my very favourite cheeses. I need to buy some soon!

  3. I love crazy rainy days! They are so cozy to me.

    I had mango flan tonight and I'm not usually a flan fan (hehe), but this totally rocked. As well the chicken mole.

  4. Okay, I need to go to a restaurant with you- everything, from the drink to the dish, looks so good. I'm very safe when I go to dinner, and if I find something I kind of like at a restaurant I will never waiver from it. Do you have a recipe for the soft serve by any chance?

  5. I love that your night ended up being fun! It's the worst when plans get changed you have nothing to do.

    Dinner looks super tasty! I recently visited a vegetarian restaurant in my area. It was out of this world! The roasted butternut squash quesadilla - YUM!

  6. Oooh the soft serve looks like the best part!! Who needs restaurant desserts when you've got THAT!? This rain is absolutely crazy.. I hope it's not like this all weekend!

  7. YUM! I want that soft serve--awesome flavor combo!