My Operation Beautiful post..

As you may know Caitlin Boyle (Healthy Tipping Point, Operation Beautiful) made her debut appearance on the Today Show this morning to discuss her newly released book Operation Beautiful and the key message behind the movement: Ending the constant barrage of negative "Fat" talk that is so prevelant in our society and replacing it with a positive self-image for women and girls.

The idea that something as simple as a post-it note can inspire women to shed their insecurities and finally learn to love themselves for the wonderful, beautiful people that they are is truly remarkable but also tremendously sad. Its unfortunate that we live in a world where Operation Beautiful is even necessary (sorry Caitlin and your many fans but hear me out....) In my ideal society women wouldn't need a note found in the locker room of a gym or the airport bathroom to remind them of what they are worth. They would just implicitly know that you can't measure who you are by the size of your pants. The Post-Its would be a moot point.

Then again in an ideal world there would be no war or disease, Walmart would sell deeply discounted Christian Louboutin heels and brownies would be a major food group of their own. But in this one, the world we live in today, women are bombarded with the notion that there is one kind of beautiful and they aren't quite it. Enter Caitlin and her countless Operation Beautiful comrades who have helped spread the message to love yourself because you are fabulous just the way that you are! Its a message women should and need to hear and thanks to these poetically worded and strategically placed Post-Its they are, loud and clear.

In honor of the book release and Change the Way You See Not the Way You Look week I would like to share with you one part of me that I love (and its not the only part by the way!)

My arms! I gotta say, I really like them! They have just enough definition to look strong while still remaining feminine which is exactly what I would have asked for. I think muscles are sexy and a great badge of honor to show of all the hard work you do to earn them. No one ever sees a person with muscles and thinks "Hmm, I wonder if she/he eats chips while laying on the sofa all day?". Oh no, no, no. And you ain't gotta be a plumber to have pipes like this! <---wait, did I really just write that in my blog..oh goodness, there's is confident and then there is whatever the heck you wanna call that comment. Heehee!

So there you have it, my first but definitely not last, contribution to Operation Beautiful. Next up I will be getting the book tomorrow (its at the Post Office waiting for me...yippeeeee!!!) and then my very first Post It note, location TBD. Stay tuned.....

So tell me, what is one body part that you are proud of and love to show off and why? And if you were to write an Operation Beautiful note what would you say?


  1. You make some great points. If only our ideal worlds existed. Mine would include 8 minute miles and no alarm clocks. Luckily, Operation Beautiful is taking one small step closer to that ideal world.

    Your arms are GORGEOUS! My favorite body part is definitely my shoulders. I would wear tank tops all year long if I could.

    My OB note: Healthy is the new skinny. It's still hanging on my bathroom mirror :)

  2. Great post! :) You have lovely arms my dear! My favourite body part is my legs - they have run many many miles, cycled even further (well, they would have if I wasn't on a spinning bike all the time!) and have traveled to the other side of the world.
    My OB note: Happiness is so much more than a number on a scale. You are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Where is my bulletproof vest?! Hot lady!

    Operation Beautiful has gotten so powerful this week and I love it!

    I must say, I love my legs. They were once my most hated body part, but now they are my favorite. Despite the fact that the designers disagree, I love my strong muscular thighs. They make me feel strong!

  4. Amazing arms. My arms are one of my fav new assets I've gotten over the last couple of years too.

  5. yes, i love your arms too! and i totally agree: muscles are sexy. i wish we all aimed to be strong instead of skinny.

    it's funny how the smallest word can change someone's life. that's why operation beautiful is such a success! i love my collerbones and slim neck. makes me feel feminine.

  6. Love the arms! I also love that you don't ever think that a woman with definition in her arms sits on the couch all day and eats potato chips. We deserve to show off our hard work! Awesome!

  7. These are great points!! Someday I hope we live in that world.

    And you definitely have great arms! I love when my arms start to develop more definition (the one thing that keeps me coming back to weight lifting). It might sound weird, but I love different parts of my body for different reasons. I love my legs because of what they can do, but in terms of looks -- I love the definition I have in my arms

  8. I agree with you. It is too bad that we need a movement like Operatioin Beautiful. I do hope that many pull strength from those pages.

    My OB note: Be confident in God's design...there could never be a more beautiful you.

  9. Love this post! I love operation beautiful - when I first heard of the idea of it - thought it was genius. Because honeslty timing of an honest compliment can change a woman's day! I agree that it's not fair that we try to shove ourselves in a mold that's unattainable. When we embrace ourselves, natural beauty just shines through!

  10. You definitely have great arms! I've left several Operation Beautiful notes at my gym. I never had the pleasure to see one returned but there is something cool about trying to sneak one up on the mirrors.