A Glamour Do and a Glamour Don't

Good morning everyone!

Last night was another night of simple indulgances for me.

First I opened a vacation savings account so I can tuck away money from my part time job and splurge on a trip sometime next winter or spring...I can't wait!

Next, I decided to finally indulge my non-stop craving for Mexican food and whipped myself up a really yummy vegetarian taco salad. Start with spinach, shredded carrots, red peppers, mushrooms and mini corn. Then add black beans, salsa, a dallop of refried beans and guacamole, crushed blue corn chips and juice from a lime and ta-da! What you get my friends is the most freakin' delicious salad I have had in a really loooong time!

And of course no Mexican inspired meal would be complete without one of these

After dinner I sat down with the lasted issue of Glamour. I was already a little skeptical of the issue after spying this line on the cover

I hadn't seen it before I bought it but when I did notice it I thought to myself "Uhh, that should read 10,000+ things more important then the last 10 pounds". I think thats Operation Beautiful rubbing off on me because I probably wouldn't have been so sensitive to a comment like that 6 months ago. Cool!

It's funny because I actually muttered "This magazine needs some serious Operation Beautiful love". Then I opened it and low-and-behold there is was! Operation Beautiful featured in Glamour magazine....holy freakin' moly!!

I had no idea that I would find this article. I read Healthy Tipping Point almost everyday but I don't remember reading this announcement. How exciting for Caitlin on the OB team!! I couldn't contain myself and just had to tweet up a storm about it. Operation Beautiful really is revolutionizing North America and I can see why. 

I guess you can't always jusge a magazine by its cover huh??>>

Well I'm off for a 12k and then spending the rest of the day celebrating the Boyfriend's sister's anniversary. Happy Saturday everyone!!

So tell me, what small indulgances do you enjoy?


  1. I didn't know that either! That's so cool that she's really getting the word out - I'm so proud of here I really hope her message reaches every single person out there and sticks!

  2. That's so exciting! Glamour is quickly becoming my favorite magazine. Your salad looks so yummy, I love the idea of crushing the taco chips onto it!

  3. I had no clue she had a spread coming out in Glamour either! How awesome.

    And love the idea of saving up for a vacation. We all need those!

  4. I notice you are eating alfresco . . . my favorite thing about summer.

  5. Oh, I haven't seen the new Glamour in stores yet, but I can't wait now!! I don't remember Caitlin announcing the Glamour feature either.

  6. I just bought the new issue of Glamour today because I heard OB was in it. It's amazing how much OB is spreading now!

  7. i've always enjoyed Glamour, but i haven't read it in years. the American magazines they sell over here are marked up like you wouldn't believe (would you pay $17 for a copy of "O"???) my small indulgence is Lindt Chilli Chocolate, although "small" is a subjective word :)

  8. How awesome that OB was in Glamour! Wow!!!

    Love the idea of a vacation savings account! I need to do that!

  9. I read that Glamour issue on the place yesterday. So exciting to see one of our own in the spotlight for her great work!

  10. That's so great that Operation Beautiful is in Glamour! I haven't picked up the issue yet but I'm going to have a look next time I'm out! Some of my favourite small indulgences are reading magazines (one of the BEST and most relaxing activities!), spending the day reading blogs (seriously, I would do it every day if I could!) manicures, and pedicures. Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Thanks for sharing that Operation Beautiful is in Glamour. I'm so proud of all that Caitlin has accomplished.

    As for small indulgences, I love to buy a magazine every now and then too. I also love to treat myself to an ice cream, a cup of iced or hot tea, or a new piece of clothing, especially fitness clothes.

  12. I love the ending to this story! :) The idea behind Operation Beautiful is a great one!

    Your salad looks fantastic. I have the urge to make one tonight myself!

  13. Thats awesome that Operation Beautiful was featured in Glamour! I hope that women start to really pick up on the message and change the value behind "beauty."

  14. I loved the OB book - I can't believe it was in Glamour! I actually met Caitlin this past weekend. I'll have to go pick up a copy of the magazine!

    Awesome job starting a vacation fund. What a great idea!

  15. A vacation savings account?!?! What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? ;) P.S. That taco salad looks amazing.

  16. Oustanding looking salad...really delish.

    Magazines like Glamour drive me nuts with their headings like that but I am delighted Caitlin/OB was featured! What a great audience for her to reach.

    My indulgences vary...magazines are one of them, add a bath and a glass of wine to that and I'm in heaven.

  17. Thank you for the awesome salad post. You know I'm always looking for new recipes and I cannot wait to try it. As for OB on Glamour - wow!