Quick and Simple

A quick and simple post for a quick and simple night:

Yesterday's workout:

5 min warm up-walking/light jogging
5K run-avg pace 5:54/km
15 min. high incline walking
5 min. cool down

30 min. strength training (upper and lower body)


Because I had promised the Boyfriend Greek pasta salad (and because we had all the ingredients for one in the apartment) we whipped together a yummy, veggie loaded dinner.

I absolutely love those nights where we hang out in the kitchen together, laughing and talking about our day, as we get dinner ready. I do the majority of the cooking so it's always nice when the Boyfriend lends a hand without even being asked (even if this time it was just to boil water and cook pasta this time).

I enjoyed mine on a bed of spinach with corn and carrots added to the mix.

Oh and I might have had an icy cold Corona while I was preparing everything...I might have.

I might even have had another one while we ate :)

Gotta love simple Tuesdays that turn into a really great night almost unexpectedly.

So tell me, did anything unexpected happen to you yesterday?


  1. Holy shot! Your mileage pace rocks. You inspire me!

  2. Samantha - you are officially my running hero. That's all I can say right now :)

  3. I agree with the ladies above. I did a double-take when I saw your mileage. YOU GO GIRL!

    Something unexpected DID happen yesterday. I discovered that we can now access YouTube on campus. It's not anything major in terms of healthy eating but it's HUGE in the world of education.

    Speaking of which, I gotta get back to prepping our library for the school year...

  4. Just saw your tweet about the run - it's still great though! Glad you had a lovely day. Mine had a few snags, but everything was worked out by the time I went to bed. I love when that happens.

  5. wow that looks sooo yummy! i love adding as many veggies as possible to my pasta. you're so lucky you have a boy that likes cooking... i need to find myself one of those! great run as well! nothing too unexpected happened to me (except for the waffle disaster that i wrote about today, but i fixed it this morning!!)

  6. That looks fantastic!!! I was able to get all the laundry done last night which was totally unexpected. Wow...that sounded so lame!

  7. That pasta salad looks divine! And wow, you are a SPEED DEMON!

  8. yum! i love lots of veggies with my pasta (more veggies than pasta. that way i can have dessert. :)

  9. Girl, you are Fast! Like, whoa. That pasta salad looks so good. It's the simple stuff that usually appeals to me. And ice cream ;)

  10. That pasta looks so satisfying! YUM! P.S coronoa and summertime were made for each other ;)