26 Things Thursday....wait, whaaaat???

Hey friends! First and foremost thank you for all your amazing comments on last night's post. It was a tough one to write (I literally sobbed as I typed) but it makes it easier to know you guys are out there supporting me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am heading out tonight to check out my good friends new band FirexFire tonight but I wanted to leave you with a little random info about me...cuz really, who can get enough of the random info. Not this girl! Thursdays are usually 4 Things Thursdays up in here but why not get a little crazy and switch it up!


A: Age: 28

B: Bed size: A Queen (like me! j/k…well sort of)

C: Chore you dislike: Laundry! Sharing laundry facilities is the worst thing EVER! I delay laundry until the last possible moment each and every time.

D: Dogs: I love ‘em! I’m now a part time dog mama to Barkley (he stays with The Boyfriend’s family a lot)

E: Essential start to your day: Breakfast. It’s dangerous if I don’t get it.

F: Favorite color: Black. Ok, so technically its not a colour but I’m picking it anyway!

G: Gold or silver: White gold. Always. And forever. You reading this Boyfriend? Taking notes maybe??

H: Height: 5’8

I: Instruments I can play: Does Rock Band guitar count??

J: Job title: Workforce Analyst. Glamorous right??

K: Kids: None…unless you count my fur baby monsters

L: Live: Toronto, Ontario Canada

M: Mom’s name: Frances

N: Nicknames: Sam, Sammy

O: Overnight hospital stays: None.

P: Pet peeve: Oh boy…where do I start? Lateness is a HUGE one.

Q: Quote from a movie: “Stop looking at me swan” Billy Madison

R: Righty or lefty: Righty.

S: Siblings: Sister who is 25.

T: Time you wake up: Depends on the day. Usually around 7am.

U: Underwear: Uhhhh……where are you going with this?

V: Vegetables you dislike: Can’t think of one….well unless a water chestnut is a vegetable. Blech!

W: What makes you run late: Forgetting to turn of my straightening iron (or thinking I did) but again, I really hate lateness!

X: X-rays: Teeth

Y: Yummy food you make: Lasagna, chili, Super Salads

Z: Favorite zoo animal: I like all of them!

That's it for me...it's time to go party like a rockstar!

I'm not actually in the band per se (ok, not at all) but when in Rome right??

So tell me, what's essential to start your day?


  1. I don't like to be late either. I used to have the bad habit of leaving my straightener plugged in, and one night got up to go the bathroom and realized that it had accidentally gotten turned on (I had kept it in a basket with other things and probably bumped it somehow with something). I don't use my straightener as often now, but even still, I always unplug it!

  2. I seriously make my husband wait for me once we leave to go to the car because I am NEUROTIC about checking my straight iron like 47 times! It's a problem but I am always SO paranoid about leaving it on. I have considered taking a photo on my phone before I leave to house to re assume me. I am seriously disturbed haha

  3. In order for my day to get off to a good start I have to have coffee and breakfast. If I don't get those things there will be trouble.

  4. That is awesome that you are a part time dog momma! I love my dog too! :)And I don't know if I have one specific essential part of my day. There are SOO many! :)Breakfast and calling my mom is definitely two of them!

  5. Can so relate to the hair straightener thing! I always have to double check and mine turns off on its own. Paranoia sucks.

    Billy Madison is a classic.

  6. Fun post. I constantly think I forgot to turn off the stove, iron, pretty much everything. I need strong coffee and a workout to start my day. Today I could use my husband leaving :)

  7. White gold for me too! Essential start to my day is a workout, followed by a solid breakfast that almost always includes a green monster, no matter how cold it is outside!

  8. Oh i'm quoting Billy Madison alllll the time! Usually water gets me going-and a handful of blueberries, followed by wayyyyy to much snacking, ha!

  9. White goal for me too, silver second...I'm not a huge fan of yellow gold. I hate being late, and I feel anxious when others make me late. UGH.
    My essential start to the day: Drinking coffee and checking my email/facebook/twitter.

  10. Oh, I loved this post. It was really fun to read and get to know you better. Mind if I do the same on my blog and link to you?

    Hope the band was fun!

  11. Fun! I love learning more about bloggers through these little surveys!

  12. Coffee. Can't start my day without it!!!

    Love the 26 things about YOU!!!

    And love the quote about being as good as your dog thinks you are... =) So true and suck a good goal!

  13. Walking Cooper is an essential start to my day... and his!! I love the dog sign!

    You are totally pulling off the rock start look! :) Love your shades!